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If you have already played the famous action game Among Us Always Imposter Apk then you definitely know that this game has been released in its new version due to some issues created by hackers in the previous version. People who are searching for this latest game will download and install “Among Pink Apk” for Android smartphones and tablets.

The main gameplay of this latest game is the same as the previous games but the developer has made some changes in their security system to protect players from these hackers and cheaters who use different hacking tools and apps while playing the game to get the upper hand over players.

In this action, you have to discover the universe through a space shuttle with other 10 crew members all around the world or you have the option to choose from your family and friends. One of your crew members is trying to ditch you and wants to kill your other crew members.

What is Among US Pink Apk?

You are the main character of this game and it is your responsibility to control all crew members and keep an eye on all activities crew members are doing while your journey. If you see any suspicious activity take a serious decision to make your journey safe.

As mentioned above this latest and newly released version of the previous game is stopped due to the massive use of different hacking tools and apps which provide players unlimited Emergency Meetings, No-Kill Cooldown, End Vote, torch distance management, and many more extra features.

The main motto of this new version is to provide players with a neat and clean environment free from hackers and cheaters. In this game, you have to create your own spaceship and select 10 players from worldwide or from a local Wi-Fi network to play this game.

While playing the game use your brain and gaming skills to find out the traitor who is always there to ditch you for their personal interest. If you are new and recently start playing this game, then you must check tutorials on YouTube or on their official page.

Information about App

NameAmong Pink
Size141.6 MB
DeveloperInnersloth LLC
Package Namecom.innersloth.spacemafia
Android RequiredKitKat (4.4 – 4.4.4)

These YouTube videos will help you to teach new and useful techniques used by pro players while playing this game. these videos are made by pro players who are on top ranking in this game. you have also many different game modes which you will choose according to your requirements and skills.

If you are a new player then choose free play where you have the option to set your task as a crew member or practice your imposter-killing strategies. After knowing some basic skills now choose public or private hosts to play games with your family, friends, or players from worldwide.

What are the objectives of crew members in Among US Pink?

The main objective of a crew member is to fill the group taskbar or discover the imposter. You need to complete different tasks like the one below to complete the game.

  • First, you need to complete the task to fill the gauge.
  • React to imposters’ sabotage.
  • Call emergency meetings when an imposter is found.
  • Report dead bodies.
  • Check admin maps and security for suspicious activities.

Objectives of imposter

The main objective of an imposter is to kill off crew members in a spaceship. Imposters use the below-mentioned techniques to kill off crew members on your spaceship.

  • Blend in with the crew.
  • Sneak through vents.
  • Pretend to run tasks.
  • Sabotage the ship and confuse the crew.
  • Close doors and trap victims.
  • Kill off the crew between cooldowns.

Screenshots of App

What do you get if you use Among Pink Mod?

If you use the mod version of Among Pink Apk then you get many different extra features like,

  • Free pets.
  • Removed all ads.
  • Unlimited skins for your character and also an option to customize costumes.
  • Unlimited hats and cooldowns.
  • And many more.

However, while using this mod version one thing to keep in mind is that it is totally illegal and unethical, and also this game has managed a strong security system for hackers and cheaters. If you are caught using hacking apps or tools you will be getting out of the game server. So play real games don’t trust these third-party apps.

How to download and play Among US Pink App?

If you want to download this latest version, then download it directly from the google play store, or also you have the option to download it from our website using the direct download link given at the end of the article.

After installing the app open and you will see a tutorial about this app. If you are a newbie, then read all terms and conditions so that you will get basic knowledge. If you have already played this game, then skip this option and you will see the home page.

On this page, you need to select game mode and also you have the option to read how to play games. While selecting the game mode you have different options like Host, Private, and also public.

If you want to practice this game first, then use the host option, or want to play with your friends on local Wi-Fi then select the private options. Those players who want to play with random players from the world will select the public options.

After game mode now selects different control options to play games. once completing the control options click on the play button and wait for a few minutes to start the game. When the game start tries to find the imposter and kick off him from your spaceship.


Among Pink Mod For Android latest mod version of the famous imposter game. If you want this mod version, then download it from our website and also share this app with your family and friends. Subscribe to our page for more apps and games.

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