Wrestling Empire Apk For Android [Updated 2023]

If you are using low ended Android device and unable to play heavy wrestling games then don’t worry because today, we are back with the latest wrestling game “Wrestling Empire Apk” which is easily compatible with any Android smartphone and tablet.

Friendly saying wrestling is one of the most-watched sports in the world after football. It has millions of fans from all around the world who spend huge money to watch their favorite player fighting live in the ring.

Apart from watching wrestling on their smart TV and mobile phones. People also love to play wrestling video games on their devices. We have shared so many wrestling games like WR3D 2K21 Apk and WR3D 2k20 Mod Apk for Android users.

But all the above-mentioned wrestling games are heavy so they are only supported by high ended devices that why most players are unable to play these games on their smartphones. If you are one of them then try this new game which supports all types of devices.

What is Wrestling Empire App?

As mentioned above it is the latest Wrestling game that helps Android players to play a famous fighting game on all types of devices without any lagging or crashing issues with a smooth gaming experience.

This game is a little bit different from other fighting games which you have played previously because it has added all championships and tournaments from all around the world. You will have the option to access all popular wrestling brands from all around d the world.

Information about Game

NameWrestling Empire
Size86 MB
Package Namecom.MDickie.WrestlingEmpire
Android RequiredNougat (7)

Apart from popular brands, you have also the option to choose all popular wrestlers from different wrestling events like RAW, SmackDown, NXT, FreeStyle, and many more. We have mentioned a list of famous players below for newbies.

 After knowing all the above features and events, if you want to download this game, download it directly from the google play store and install it on your smartphone and tablet for free. However, you need to pay money to purchase items too.

What Preferences do you get in Wrestling Empire Game?

Players have to set all preferences in-game according to their gaming skills and requirement. You will opt to change the below-mentioned preferences,


You can easily change the difficulty of the game according to your gaming skills and control. Players have the option to choose the difficulty level from the below-mentioned levels,

  • Easy, Moderate, Hard, and Very Hard
Match length
  • You have also the option to choose match lengths like Normal, Short, and Long according to your requirements.
Size Differences
  • You will also have the option to choose the size of game-like, like Significant, Exaggerated, Slight, or Irrelevant.
Tag Control
  • You have different game control options like the Whole team and Specific player.
Match Exit
  • If you want to exit the match then choose any one of these options Auto Quickly, Manual, and Auto Eventually.

Screenshots of Game

What game Modes do you get in Wrestling Empire for Android?

In this game, players have different game modes which we have discussed below for new players like,

  • This mode is for those players who have started playing games for the first time and don’t have enough experience with different wrestling tricks. It offers so many different pieces of training like Footwork, striking, grappling, showmanship, weapons, and Sparring.
  • This mode is only for professional players who have completed all initial level matches and training. In this mode, you will have the option to participate in different championships and tournaments like Tag team championship, Money in the Bank, Royal Ramble, and many more such events.
  • In this mode, players have to fight against computers or bots and completely different tasks and levels to access exhibition mode. It also has its own training mode too when you start this mode.

What are the most popular brands in Wrestling Empire Mod Apk?

You will get so many different brands in this game but the most popular brands are mentioned below like,

  • All American Wrestling
  • Federation Online
  • Weekend Warriors
  • Rising Sun Puroresu
  • Maple Leaf Grappling
  • Super Lucha Libre
  • Strong Style Wrestling
  • Wrestling School

Which are the most popular wrestlers in Wrestling Empire Game?

According to game statistics and game officials below mentioned wrestlers are the most popular wrestlers in this game. These below-mentioned popular wrestlers are locked in-game. To unlock these wrestlers you need to pay money or complete different tasks and missions in-game.

  • Coach Emerson
  • Snow Job
  • E1 Dorado
  • Outback
  • Bully Demise
  • Doug Turner
  • Gary Dunn
  • Alan Gator
  • Blonde Blunder
  • Aaron Benson

Which wrestlers do you get in the free version of Wrestling Empire Download?

You will get only limited wrestlers in the free version who don’t have any special abilities or skills. You will get wrestlers like,

  • David Hebrew
  • Willy Pearce
  • Rupert Royal
  • Doug Turner
  • Cathedral
  • Wuri Cusson
  • Score Benz
  • C Breeze
  • Sebastian Slobber
  • Crash Cougar
  • Dangal
  • Val Halla
  • Aaron Benson
  • Vendetta

How to unlock popular wrestlers in Wrestling World Mod Apk?

To unlock all premium or locked wrestlers in this game you need to turn pro version to enjoy a full career with premium wrestlers without relying on sponsors.

In the pro, version players have also the option to make changes in each roaster to set up their own dream matches. To get the pro version players need to pay RS 599.00 per year.

How do download Wrestling Empire App?

If you want to download this game from a third-party website then download it from our website using the direct download link given at the end of the article and install this game on your smartphone and tablet.

While downloading this game from the third-party website you need to enable unknown sources from a security setting. After installing the game open it and now you need to set preferences in-game.

After setting all preferences now choose the game mode from different game modes. If you are new then choose training mode to know all the game tricks which help you while playing exhibition and career mode.

What is Wrestling Empire mod Apk?

It is the latest version original wrestling world game with new features and an intuitive match setup process which players will not get in any other wrestling games. In this new wrestling mobile game tons of new features and heroes that they will not get in the original game.

How to download the wrestling empire mod Apk for free?

Like other online games, mod info versions of this new game players are only available on a third-party website. Or users will get a direct download link of this new mod version on our website offlinemodapk for free.

In this new mod version, the game offers below mentioned special features,

  • Own character
  • World champion
  • Retro style
  • Option to create dream matches
  • Smoother Frame Rate
  • Higher Resolution Visuals
  • Earn Money
  • Locker Room
  • Roaming Mode
  • Other stats
  • Lightweight champion
  • John Cena
  • Own star
  • Real Persons
  • Right matches
  • Purely Coincidental
  • As many characters

and other features that players will know after downloading this new mobile wrestling game on their devices.


Wrestling Empire for Android is the latest wrestling game for both Android and iOS users from all around the world. If you love to play wrestling then download this game and also share this game with your family and friends. Subscribe to our page for more apps and games.

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