Words with Friends Cheat Apk For Android [2023]

If you are bored playing online fighting games and want something new which will help you to increase your knowledge, then download “Words with Friends Cheat Apk” for Android smartphones and tablets.

This is a role-playing game in which you have to find new words to defeat your opponent. You have to pick seven tiles to contain different alphabets randomly. After that, you have to create a word using those seven alphabets which you have a pick from several tiles available there.

All the alphabets contain different points so to win you have to make a word that contains more points. To win this game from your friends you must have a strong vocabulary. Because it is not easy to create words from random alphabets.

What are Words with Friends Cheat Apk?

 If you have a weak vocabulary and you are not able to win games against your family or friends then don’t worry, I have an application by using which you can easily defeat your opponents easily. This app basically cheats for the original game which is Kitty Scramble Apk.

By using this app, you can easily defeat any pro word finder game players. Words with Friends Cheat Apk are applicable to any word finder or scramble game available on the internet. To use this app, you have to download the app on your smartphone and inject the cheats you want in-game.

This is an Android application developed and offered by Word Checker Apps for Android users from all around the world who have a weak vocabulary and are unable to win scramble games against their family or friends.

This application simply provides you the upper hand in-game by suggesting your different words with more points. So that you get more points by using those suggested words. It is one of the fast and reliable cheat apps for Scramble games to use in different competitions.

Information about App

Name Words with Friends Cheat
Version v1.8
Size 4.4 MB
Developer Word Checker Apps
Package Name wordswithfriendscheat.scrabblecheat
Category Arcade
Android Required Jelly Bean (4.1.x)
Price Free

The game plan of the Scramble game

 Like the Ludo Star game, scramble games have the option to play with two players or four players. The main object of this game is to make more points than your opponent. To make more points you have to find words with alphabets containing more points.

The Scrabble Board

To play this game you need a board. A standard Scrabble board will consist of cells that contain a large square grid. It contains 15 cells high and 15 cells wide where you have to place your tiles which contain alphabets. All tiles are designed in such a way that they can easily fit in those cells.

Scrabble Tiles

Another important thing in the scramble game is tiles. This game contains 100 tiles in 98 tiles contain alphabets which have different points and two tiles are blank tile which doesn’t have any alphabet or point. (Valium) The blank tile is used as a wild tile if you have any alphabet missing in a word.

The points on the different alphabet are depending upon how rare that word is and also how difficult to use that Alphabet to make a word. In simple words, vowels have minimum points because these are frequently used in making words.

Tile Values in Words with Friends Cheat Apk

The below list shows the points of each alphabet used in the scramble game.

  • 0 Points – Blank tile.
  • 1 Point – A, E, I, L, N, O, R, S, T, and U.
  • 2 Points – D and G.
  • 3 Points – B, C, M, and P.
  • 4 Points – F, H, V, W, and Y.
  • 5 Points – K.
  • 8 Points – J and X.
  • 10 Points – Q and Z.

Extra Point Values

You have also the option to score extra points. Extra points are mentioned below

  • Double Letter Scores
  • Triple Letter Score
  • Double Word Score
  • Triple Word Score
  • One Single-Use

Screenshots of App

From where I would download the Words with Friends Cheat Apk safely?

To download this app safely without malware, bugs, and viruses you have two options first you can easily download it from the google play store using a one-click download.

If you want to download it from a third-party application then download it from our website using a direct download link given at the end of the article.

Most cheats apps are illegal and unsafe to download and use but this application is safe and legal to use. The main purpose of this app is to entertain and educate people so don’t worry just grab this opportunity by downloading it.


Words with Friends Cheat Apk is an Android application used to hack all word finder or scramble games to get the upper hand over your opponent.

If you want to get the upper hand over other players in the word finder game then download this amazing application and also share it with other players too so that more people will get benefit from it.

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