Top & Famous Gacha Games & Anime-Based Games in 2023

If you are bored playing MOBA games and want to play new videos game on your device then you must try the new game genre “Gacha Games” on your smartphone and tablets which are developed by famous anime game developers from all around the world.

Most players have already played these anime-based games because it is now day one of the biggest and most famous game genres on the internet for both Android and iOS devices. These anime-based games are released by different famous game developers and game franchises like Marvel, Disney, Star Wars, and more.

If you have not played anime-based games like, Granny Outwitt Mod Apk and Henry Stickmin Collection Apk on your smartphone and tablet then you must read this article because it is not easy for new players to choose the best game from tons of different anime-based games on the internet.

This article helps players choose the best gacha game among thousands of different gacha games on the internet, especially for those players who are playing first-time games.

What are Gacha Games for Android?

As mentioned above it is one of the famous and popular genres among Android games with millions of registered players from all around the world. It also has loyal fans who are regularly playing new games.

These games are famous because of their special storyline, amazing game characters, various type of special events, and many more things which make these games more special and famous among online multiplayer games.

Gacha Games

Initially, these games are popular in Japan like, manga and comic stories but now these games have spread across the globe quickly relative to other game genres like action, arcade, simulation, and many more.

What is Gacha?

Basically, gacha is a Japanese word that originated from the word ガチャポン (Gachapon).  It is a simple Japanese vending machine capsule that contains different toys.

These toys are so famous in Japan that kids are spending all their pocket money to buy these toys through these vending machines.

In this new gacha genre of video games, developers have used the same toy-vending mechanism which is emptying the wallets of players from all around the world for jpegs.

Which are the most famous Gacha Games in 2023?

As you know that everyone has their own choice when choosing any game. but still, we have listed some famous games according to players’ ratings and reviews. You will try below mentioned famous game on your device like,

Raid: Shadow Legends

This new game is listed in the top RPG anime-based games because of its amazing story, line, and famous game characters. Players can easily play this game on both mobile phones and desktops with so many new game characters and battle arenas for free.

To download this game on your device you need to visit the official google play store and download it from there for free. However, it also has premium items in-game which need money.

Genshin Impact

In this game, players have to discover the world by completing different challenges in which help players to unlock new characters in-game with special abilities and skills. Players can easily download and install this game from the google play store or third-party websites too.

AFK Arena

If you are searching for the finest gacha game with so many new game characters and storylines then you must download and install the latest version of the AFK Arena game on your smartphone and tablet directly from the google play store.

Another Eden

This game is the same as Chrono Trigger and AFK Arena game but has different game characters and locations which you will not see in any other game. This game has both free and premium which you can easily download from the google play store.


This is a different game from all above mentioned Gahca games because in this game players will get Mix traditional gacha mechanics and strategic options which you will see in limited games. This game is also easily available on the google play store to download and play.

EPIC Seven

This is a new art-style anime game in which players have the option to play games in different game modes like PVP battle, world boss modes, and many more. To download this game player, need to visit the google play store or third-party websites.

EXOS Heroes

This is a new and unique visually appealing gacha game in which players have to explore the world of anime with amazing characters. If you want to download this new game then download it from the google play store and enjoy playing the game on your device.

Fire Emblem Heroes

If you want to play a new long-running strategy RPG game then download this game from the google play store for free and install this game on your smartphone and tablet.

How to download and install Gacha Games on Android and iOS devices for Free?

If you want to download and install any one of the above-mentioned anime games on your device then download it directly from the google play store and install it on your smartphone and tablet.

If you are facing issues while downloading it from the google play store then download it from any third-party website. While downloading it from the third-party website you need to enable unknown sources from a security setting and also allow permissions.

If you want to download mod or pro version of gacha games then you need to visit any third-party website and then download it from there. After installing the mod or pro version then open it and you need to wait for a few seconds to download other supporting files of the game.


Download the top ten Gacha games on your Android device directly from any third-party website or google play store and also share these top list anime games with your family and friends. Subscribe to our page for more apps and games.

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