Thief Guard BD Apk For Android [Updated 2023]

As you know the smartphone is an important part of everyone’s life because he or she stores all important data in it to access anywhere at any time. So, everyone needs to take good care of their smartphone from people by downloading and installing the latest anti-theft app “Thief Guard Apk” on their smartphones and tablet.

Apart from important data people also spend huge money to buy smartphones and tablets so they don’t afford to buy a new phone if they lost their old smartphone. Now you can easily protect your device from loss and thieve by downloading different anti-theft apps.

These apps start making sounds if an unknown person touches them and ringing constantly till they the enter correct password. In simple words, you need to enter the correct password to stop it from ringing. As you know that everyone doesn’t know your password so it helps the software to identify the original owner of the phone.

What is Thief Guard App?

If you are personal data on your smartphone and want to protect it from your family and friends then download this app and make a strong password so that you will get to know when any touches your device. If you want to download any working anti-theft app then download this app which we are sharing here for you.

As mentioned above it is basically a protection app for android users from Bangladesh who want to protect their device from their family, friends, and also from other people who want to access your smartphone when you left your phone.

Once you download this app on your smartphone and tablet now you can easily leave your smartphone and tablet anywhere at your home and workplace without any problem because it will make an alarm if anyone touches your device without your permission.

Information about App

NameThief Guard
Size15.1 MB
Package Namecom.punon.thiefguard
Android RequiredMarshmallow (6)

Most people don’t leave their smartphones anywhere without their presence but sometimes you forget your device somewhere unintentionally then these types of apps help to protect your device from loss and thieves by making an alarm and ringing tone that you have set through these apps.

According to data on the internet, more than 2 million smartphones and tablets are stolen worldwide every year which is a huge number. By seeing this data now developers have made these special apps that somehow help to protect smartphones and tablets from thieves and loss.

Most people don’t know about such apps or why these apps are not famous among Android and iOS users. If you want to protect your device and data then download this app from our website using the direct download link given at the end of the article and install this app on your smartphone and tablet.

What is the difference between parental control apps and anti-theft apps?

Most people think that parental control apps like Kidsguard Apk and Spyhuman App Apk and anti-theft apps like thief guard bd are used for the same purpose.

Actually, both types of apps are used for different purposes like parental control apps are used to make an eye on someone’s mobile phone and also on their activities. These apps are mostly used by parents to keep eye on their children’s online activities.

However anti-theft apps help users to protect their smartphones and tablet from thieves and loss. These apps do not need any special features or tools to protect your device. You only need to install this app on your smartphone and tablet.

Screenshots of App

Key Features

  • Thief Guard BD Apk is a legal and safe anti-theft app for android devices.
  • It gives you the option to track your device through different services like email and many more.
  • Alert you by making an alarm when someone touches your smartphone and tablet without your permission.
  • It also makes a portrait of a person who has touched your device and left it when the alarm starts ringing.
  • You need to create your account to avail all its services for free.
  • This app is only for people from Bangladesh.
  • Need multiple permissions like contact, gallery, location, and many more.
  • Option to set alarm tone according to your own choice and also it has built-in tones too.
  • It also makes an alarm if your device is removed from charging by someone else.
  • You need to activate proximity mode in this app while traveling to guard your device against thieves.
  • Easy to use and download.
  • No need for any extra app or tool while using this app.
  • Ads-free applications and also don’t have any premium features.
  • Free to download and use.
  • And many more.

How to download and use Thief Guard BD For Android?

If you want to download and use it after knowing all its features and properties then download this app from our website using the direct download link given at the end of the article and install this app on your smartphone and tablet.

While installing the app allow all permissions and also enable unknown sources from security settings. After installing the app open it and you need to create your account using a valid and active cellphone number.

If you have already created an account on this app then log in using those previous details and start protecting your device by enabling different protection modes like proximity, Alarm, and many more.


Thief Guard Download For Android is the latest anti-theft app for citizens of Bangladesh who are worried about their smartphones while traveling on public transport. If you are traveling on public transport and want to protect your device then download this app and also share it with your family and friends.

Direct Download Link

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