Thetan Arena Apk v192 For Android [Alternate MLBB Game]

As you know that in most regions players are still using low ended smartphones and tablets due to which they are unable to play high ended MOBA games on their devices. To help those players we are back with the new MOBA game “Thetan Arena Apk” which they can easily play on all types of devices for free.

This game is the same as the famous MOBA game Mobile Legends Bang Bang but with different characters and overall game environment. The main gameplay and other features are sane like, the MLBB game in which you have to remain alive till the end of the game to win the game.

If you have played the MLBB game then you can easily play this new game on your device without any issues. You can easily download this new game on your device from the google play store or other official app stores for free.

What is Thetan Arena Game?

 As mentioned above it is the new and latest MOBA game developed and released by WolfFun for android and iOS users from all around the world who want to play new action games with new characters and overall game experience for free.

Players love this game because they can easily play this game on both low ended and high ended devices without registering with a guest account for free. However, it also allows players to create their account with email id for future preferences.

Players who are playing this game on, low ended devices need to change the graphics and FPS setting of the game to low from high so that they will not face lagging and buffering issues while playing the game online with their family and friends.

Information about Game

NameThetan Arena
Size140.2 MB
Package Namecom.wolffun.thetanarena
Android Required5.0+

In low graphics and FPS, players will get the low-quality game but it is enough to enjoy your favorite game on the low ended device. Players who are using the high ended device should try the game with high graphics to get a better gaming experience.

In this game players also have so many other features which they can change from the game set according to their needs. We have mentioned a few settings below which players will get to modify like,

  • Voice ChatLanguage
  • Sound
  • Graphics
  • Invitation

After installing the game on your device if you do not like this new game then you must try these below mentioned other games from our website on your device like,

What hero’s players get in Thetan Arena Game Download?

Like other games in this game, players will get multiple heroes which we have mentioned below for new players. Like other games in this new game, some heroes are free and a few are premium we have mentioned bother heroes below like,


Players will get heroes from below mentioned options like,

  • Legendary, Epic, Common, Marksman, Tank, Assassin.

Premium Heroes

At the start of the game players will below mentioned heroes however players will get more premium heroes in every next level of a game like,

  • Bigpapa, Mary, Culien, and Steelshot.

One thing kept in mind is that all the above-mentioned heroes from this shop are tradable.

What special items players will get in this new MOBA game?

In this new game Thetan, Arena Game players will get below mentioned special items like,


In this game, players will get below mentioned explosive items which help players to kill multiple enemies with the single explosive item. You will get a chance to use below mentioned explosive items at the start of game-like,

  • Bullet Storm, Explosive Mine, Timer Bomb, Super Rocket, Lazer Deadly, Beam, Power Fan, Flame Thrower, etc.

Like other games in this new game players also need to protect themselves and their bases from enemies to win the game. so, developers have added special shields in game-like,

  • Shield, Healing Turret, Ghost Fade, Invisible.

In this tab, players will get different spells with powers to destroy the building, bases and also with healing power to heal heroes and also building. You will get spells like,

  • Crazy charge, Ice Ball, Toxic Fluid, Burrow, Black Hole, Bubble Prison, Droning Chain, Bullet Volley, Rocket Plunger, Meteor.

Screenshots of Game

How to add friends in Thetan Arena Download?

In this new game, players will also have the option to add friends and players will get the below-mentioned options to add friends like,  

  • Add friend
  • Request
  • Invite

Players will only be able to have 50 players on their friend’s list.

In this game players will get a chance to know top players in the game with below-mentioned options like,


  • This option will show top players who have more trophies.
  • In this tab, players will get a list of top players with more trophies.
  • This tab contains players with more streaks.
  • In this tab player will more premium heroes will be top of the list.

How to download and play the Thetan Arena Game on Android?

If you want to play this new game then download it from the google play store or from our website using the direct download link given at the end of the article and install this new game on your device for free.

While installing the game allow all permissions and also enable unknown sources from the security setting. After installing the game open it and you will see the main page with the below-mentioned options,

  • Play As guest
  • Login
  • Registered

If you want to play the game as a guest then tap on it you will see a new page where you will get a chance to random three new heroes which you can get by a claim for it. Once you claim you will get heroes.

After getting heroes then you will get a chance to pay for the game with anyone of free hero. If you want to play the game with an account then register yourself with an email address.


Thetan Arena Android is the latest MOBA game with new game characters and gameplay. If you want to play MOBA in the new game environment then try this new game and also share it with your family and friends. Subscribe to our page for more apps and games.

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