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If you are from India then you love to play card games which are most popular in India and also in South Asia. Today we are back with a new sequel of the famous card game Teen Patti which is “Teen Patti Win” for android and iOS users from India and South Asia.

As you know that card games are so addictive due to which players spend hours playing different cards game on the internet. If you want to earn money by playing cards games then you need to download and install the latest and new card game which we are sharing here for you.

This game is basically like another poker where you have to place a bet and play a game against three or six players from across India. The players who win the match will get all the bet money. To earn more money, win more match with a high bet.

What is Teen Patti Win Apk?

As mentioned above it is the latest card game which is specially designed for players from India who want to earn money by playing different card games for free. Cards games are the most popular games in India and South Asia with more than 6 million active users.

People love to play card games with their family and friends for entertainment in India due to which these card games are also known as household games in India. Some people also know it as flash or flush games.

The name of this new card game is also taking from the Hindi language which mean three cards. In this game, players have to make different combination of three cards to win the match. Players who make the combination first win the match and win all bet money.

Information about App

NameTeen Patti Win
Size54 MB
Package Nameyu.dian.one.game
Android Required5.1+

Is Teen Patti Win App being legal and safe to play?

As you know that most betting or poker apps are not legal and safe to play that why these apps are removed from the google play store. This new poker app has also been removed from the google play store due to rule and regulations.

Friendly saying, we don’t know whether this app is safe or legal to play. We always tell players to don’t invest money in such apps which are removed from the google play store. If you invest money and you lost it, we are not responsible and also you don’t have any legal option to claim your money.

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What are high to low ranking in Teen Patti Win Game?

Like other card game, this game also has some ranking from high to low which players have to complete to win the game. we have mentioned the rank of from high to low for new players like,

  • In this rank, players need to make a set of three cards with the same rank. The high-rank set is 3 cards of ACE and the lowest is three cards of 2s.
Pure sequence 
  • This set consists of three consecutive cards of the same suit like A, K, Q of diamonds suit or A,2,3 of diamond suit or 4,3,2 od diamond suits and many more such set are considered as a pure sequence.
  • This set consists of three consecutive cards but not from the same suit like A, K, Q from any suit, A, 2, 3 from any suit and many more such sequences.
  • In this set players will have to make a set of three cards with the same suit but not in sequence like 2, 5, 6 of diamond suit or A, J, 10 of jack suit or many more.
  • In this set players need to make pair of two cards with the same rank and one other random card. If two players have the same pair of cards the winner will decide on the third card.

Screenshots of App

How to download and play Teen Patti Win App download?

If you are not getting this new poker app on the google play store and want to download it on your device then download it from the given link below and install this new poker app on your smartphone and tablet.

While installing an app from a third party website you need to allow all permissions and also enable unknown source from the security setting. After installing the app, you need to create your account on this app to play a game against other players online.

To create an account, you need to enter your cellphone number or email address. After creating an account, you will get OPT code which you have to enter into the app to activate your game account. Once your game account is activated now you can easily play the game with your family and friends online for free.


Teen Patti Win for Android is the latest poker game for players from India which help players to play cards games online and win money for free. If you want to win money online by playing card games then download this app and also share it with your family and friends.

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