Super Mario 3 Apk v3.0.20 Free Download For Android

If you searching for a famous pc and laptop game developer by Nintendo game to play it on your device with high quality without any emulator app then you must download and install the latest version of “Super Mario 3 Apk” for android smartphones and tablets.

This is one of the famous game in which you will enjoy many different features like, adventure, action, and also an arcade. Before the release of its Android version, people play this game online through web browsers using different online websites.

Players face huge issues like lagging, crashing, and also low-quality issues while playing from different online websites, and also you need to download and install the different plugins on your desktop or laptop to play this game.

Today we have good news for Super Mario fans that Nintendo games have officially released their app for both android ad iOS users from all around the world. now players can easily play any NES game directly through this app using their smartphone and tablet.

What is Super Mario 3 Game?

It is the simple android version of the famous video released in the 90s for different gaming consoles and also for desktop devices. Before the release of this game, the video game industry is not popular among people from all around the world.

Super Mario 3 Apk

After the release of this game by NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) super Mario has changed the landscape of the gaming industry and get huge popularity among people that it was one of the most earning video games for many years.

Information about Game

NameSuper Mario 3
Size3.5 MB
DeveloperNintendo Co., Ltd.
Package Namecom.happy_world.nesemu.n27.nes
Android Required4.4+

People still love this game and play this game online through different websites that provide a platform to play this game online. But now you can easily play it on your android and iOS device. Because developers have released its official version for smartphones and tablets.

This new version has added so many new features for players like HD graphics, new enemies, characters weapons, and many more things which you will enjoy after playing this game on your smartphone and tablet.

What new characters and enemies you get in Super Mario 3 Apk?

As mentioned above you get so many new features which you don’t have in the web version. We have tried to mention some new characters and enemies which you will get in this new version of the game.

  • Thwomp, Wingo, Toadsworth, Wart, Baby Luma, Blooper, Count Bleck, Cackletta, Chain Chomp, Bullet Bill, Hammer Bros, Captain Toad, Vivian, Birdo, Professor E. Gadd, Bob-omb, Admiral Bobbery, King Bob-omb, Motos, Koopa-Troopa, Kamek, Kammy Koopa.
  • Dry Bones, Goomba, Goombella, Lakitu, Koopalings, Piranha Plant, Petey Piranha, Shy Guy, Toad, Toadette, Bowsette, Daisy, King Boo, Lady Bow, Boo, Pauline, Diddy Kong, Donkey Kong, Wario, Baby Mario & Luigi, Bowser, Bowser Jr., Peach, Rosalina, Yoshi, Luigi, Waluigi, Mario.
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Is there any difference in the gameplay Super Mario 3 game for desktop and android device?

If you are playing the Mario game first time on your android smartphone you must know that the gameplay of this new version is the same as other Mario games available for desktop and web versions.

In this game, you have to kill your enemies by jumping on enemies’ heads, and also you have to collect different weapons by completing different tasks. You have also need to eat mushrooms to make your characters bigger and also you have to break walls and collect coins.

In this game, you have to save Princess Peach from the evil hands of the sorcerer Kuppa King by discovering more than 8 worlds using your game skills.

Screenshots of Game

Is Super Mario 3 Apk safe and legal to download and use?

Yes, this game is legal and safe to download and tested by the developer for viruses and other issues. This game is so popular that it has crossed more than 1lac downloads on the google play store within just a few weeks.

Key Features

  • Super Mario 3 Mod Game is a safe and legal game to download and play.
  • Added new features like new areas and many more things.
  • Simple and easy to play.
  • Same gameplay like other Mario games.
  • High-quality graphics with the latest sound effects.
  • Added new characters and enemies.
  • The main motto of the game is to save Princess Peach.
  • Ads free and also the option to add cheats to this game.
  • Option to change game resolution according to your internet speed.
  • Compatible with Android devices.
  • Free to download and use.
  • The official version of NES game developers.
  • And many more.

How to download and play Super Mario 3 Mod Apk?

If you want to download this game to enjoy the old Mario game on your smartphone, then you have the option to download it directly from the google play store.

You have also the option to download the pro or mod version of this game directly from our website using the direct download link given at the end of the article and install this game on your smartphone and tablet.

While installing games allow all permission and also enable unknown source form security settings. After installing the game open it and select game mode and start playing the game on your smartphone.

To kill enemies jump using a different button show on your device screen. Collect different weapons, mushrooms, and coins while playing the game which helps you while playing the game.


Super Mario 3 for Android is the latest android game developed by NES for android players from worldwide who want to enjoy this latest game on their smartphone and tablet. If you want to play this new game, then download it and also share it with your family and friends. Subscribe to our page for more apps and games.

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