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Download “Sumber Dana Apk” for android smartphones and tablets to get urgent money through the digital loaning system from your smartphone and tablets.

About App

This is an android application developed and offered by the unknown developers for people of Indonesia who need urgent money without any complication.

Everyone needs money to fulfill their basic needs like school fees, house rent, utility bills, household items, and many more things. People use different methods to earn money.

people do different jobs to earn money like government jobs, multination companies, private companies, freelance, blogging, teaching, and avail many more sources of income.

But the money you get from these jobs is fixed and it is only fulfilling the basic needs of people. If people want to buy a new house, car and anything else then they need more money.

Information about Sumber Dana Apk

Name Sumber Dana
Version V1.2.0
Size12 MB
DeveloperGoogle Commerce Ltd
Package Namecom.danasumb.sdbe
Operating SystemAndroid 4.0+

They usually contact to different banks to avail loan or contact to any other loaning companies. But these companies have high-interest rates and also many complicated processes to get a loan.

So, people become frustrated due to having no money. For those people who want urgent money with a less complicated process, I have an application.

One of the problems with this app is that it is country-specific. It is only available for Indonesian people who currently live there and have an active mobile number.

There are also many other such applications on the internet which I have also share on my websites. Every application has its own terms and condition so before choosing an application first read all terms and conditions of all apps and choose the app according to your needs.

Review of Sumber Dana Apk

Before choosing any loaning application first you check the interest rate and installments duration. Because some apps have a huge interest rate which is not easy to pay in their limited time.

So always choose that app that has a low-interest rate and more time duration so that you can easily pay installments in time without any problem in your budget.

The application I am talking about here is also a digital loaning application that gives you a loan of up to eight million Rp 8,000,000. It has time duration to pay installment is 92 days to 180 days and it is up to your which installment plan you want to select.

Most people choose 180 days or 6-month installment plans to pay their loaning amount. It has an interest rate of 30% per year and also fees for the application is 5%.

Example of Loan Simulation of Sumber Dana Apk

If you borrow IDR 100,000, you have to pay monthly installments according to the selected period:

Like: 100000 * 30% = 30000;

36000/12 = 2500;

Loans for 3 months:

2500 * 3 = 7500;

Total payment amount: 100000 + 7500 = 107500;

Requirements for borrowing money from Sumber Dana Apk

The following things are necessary for loan application.

  • Must be an Indonesian citizen.
  • Have valid KTP or Passport.
  • Age above 18 years.
  • Have some source of income.
  • Must have TIN.
  • A valid and active mobile number.
  • Must have an account in a bank.
  • Administration fee 5%.
  • Loaning limit up to eight million Rp 8,000,000.
  • Time duration to pay installment 3 months to 6 months.
  • Money withdraws time less than 5 minutes.

Screenshots of Sumber Dana Apk

If you have above-said things in hand, then you are eligible for applying for loan. So, don’t waste time on the useless apps just download this amazing application and fulfill your money problems.

If you have any queries about this application, then contact the developer directly through its email address so that he or she solve your queries as soon as possible.

 This application is used by so many people from Indonesia to get urgent money to fulfill their money problems. It has mixed reactions and reviews from users.

Some users really like the service of this application and few people are not satisfied with its service. If you want to know more about this application, then experience it once on your smartphone.

If you want another loaning application, then you must try Mominjem Apk and Klik Harta Apk for android smartphones and tablets.


Sumber Dana Apk is an android application specially designed for users from Indonesia to get a loan through e loaning system which introduces newly.

If you are from Indonesia and want money, then download this amazing application and also share your experience with your family and friends.

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