Spider Man Fan Made Apk For Android [2022 Mod Version]

If you are an avid spiderman fan who loves to watch and play all spiderman game series then you may also love to download and install this new game “Spider Man Fan Made” on your smartphone and tablet.

In this article, we have provided fans with both information and an Apk file of the game which they help them while downloading and playing this new game on their smartphone and tablet for free.

What is Spider Man Fan Made Apk?

This is the new and latest spiderman game developed and released by Sony for android and iOS users from all around the world who want to play spiderman games but are unable to play because they don’t afford console devices.

As you know that spiderman series is one of the most famous series across the world with millions of fan following. Spiderman fans not only love to watch the series but also love to play spiderman games.

The official spiderman game is only available for consoles and other such expensive devices due to which many fans are unable to play them. Today we are back with an unofficial spiderman fan game that you will enjoy playing a game on your device.

Information about App

NameSpider Man Fan Made
Size345.2 MB
Package Namecom.rusergames.spiderman
Android Required5.0+

As mentioned in the above paragraph that this is not official and was made by third-party developers why this new game is removed from all official app stores and is currently available only on third-party websites.

In this new unofficial version, players will get all the premium features of the official game for free. Players will get a chance to play the game with below mentioned special spiderman suits which they are unable to get in the official game for free, 

  • Advance
  • Classic
  • Noir
  • Scarlet
  • Stark
  • Spider-Punk
  • Spirit Spider
  • Homemade
  • Anti Ock
  • Dark
  • Spider UK
  • Iron Spider Armor
  • Scarlet Spider 2
  • Aaron Aikman Power
  • Into the Spider-Verse
  • Webbed 
  • Bombastic Bag Man
  • Future Foundation
  • Stealth 
  • Amazing

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Key Features

  • Spider Man Fan Made Game is the new and latest unofficial version of the original spiderman game.
  • It also contains Multiple game Maps like the original game.
  • Players will get the same gameplay as the official game.
  • It also allows players to use various spiderman suits while playing the game.
  • Players will get multiple missions and tasks in this new unofficial version.
  • Simple and easy to play and also players have the option to change control and other settings of the game.
  • Players don’t need to create an account.
  • Ads a free game and made especially for spiderman fans.
  • Free to download and play but also have premium game resources too.

Screenshots of Game

How to download and play the new and latest unofficial spider man game on android devices for free?

If you want to play the unofficial spider man game Spider Man Fan Made Download it on your smartphone and tablet then download and install it from our website for free.

Like other apps and games while downloading this new game allow all permissions and also enable unknown source from security setting. After installing the game open it and you will see the main dashboard of the game where you have to tap on the Tap to start option and you will see the main menu game like, 

  • Play Game
  • Settings
  • View Credits
  • Quit

If you want to play the game then tap on the play option in the above list and you will see a new page where you have to subscribe below-mentioned youtube channels of a game developer to support him, 

  • R-User Games
  • yPER Studio

If you don’t want to subscribe to their channels then directly support them through the support Me On Patreon option on your screen. If you have already or support the developer then tap on the already done option And you will see gameplay with the below-mentioned options like, 

  • Map
  • Suits
  • Missions
  • Controls
  • Credits 
  • Quit

Before starting the game choose your desired game map, missions ad suits for spiders from the list of the above-mentioned suit with various powers and abilities. After choosing a suit and mission now start playing the game and start helping people across the city.


Spider Man Fan Made Android is a new spiderman game for android smartphone users with the same gameplay as the original game. If you want to play a spiderman game then try this new game and also share it with your family and friends. Subscribe to our page for more apps and games.

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