Spider Injector ESP PUBG Apk S18 Free Download For Android

Players are searching for new ESP hacks for PUBG Mobile because all previous hacking tools or apps have stopped working due to recent updates. If you want to download the latest hacking tool or app then download and install “Spider Injector ESP” for android smartphones and tablets.

As you know that PUBG Mobile has a strong security system as compared to other MOBA games like Garena Free Fire, Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Fortnite, and many more that why it is not easy to hack PUBG game.

But still, third-party developers are trying to hack it and release new hacking tools and apps for PUBG players. We have shared so many hacking tools and apps for PUBG Mobile games like Dragon ESP PUBG Apk and Dsnipers ESP PUBG Apk.

If you have used any one of the above-mentioned hacking tools or apps then you may have enough knowledge about scripts and injectors which are mostly used to hack PUBG mobile games. If you are new then don’t worry, we will help you while using this new hacking tool or app.

What is Spider Injector ESP App?

As mentioned above it is latest hacking tool or app for PUBG Mobile game which help users to make modification in all game items like, vehicle, weapons, health kits, and other special items used in-game by players to get upper hand over players.

This app not only helps players to modify game items but also helps them to hack other features of the game which are helpful for players while playing the game. By using this app players can easily know the exact location, position, name, health, and other information of their enemies.

In this new hacking tool or app developers have added special items like, drone view, radar line, radar views, and many more items which help players to take a view of all map and they easily know about resource hidden in different places.

Information about App

NameSpider Injector ESP
Size3.69 MB
Package Namecom.spider.pro
Android Required4.0+

Friendly saying it is not possible to mention all hacks and items which are added by developers in this app however still we have mentioned a few items and hacks. To know about whole item sand hacks players, need to install this app once on their smartphone and tablet.

As you know that this app is illegal and unsafe to download that why this app is removed from the google play store. So, players need to visit any safe and secure third-party website to download this app. If you are not getting the download link then don’t worry, we have shared the direct download link of this app in this article for our viewers.

One thing to keep in your mind before downloading and installing this app that we are no encouraging anyone to download and install Spider ESP or any other hacking tool or app. We are not responsible if you get fined or get another plenty for using such apps. Use such apps totally at your own risk.

What new items and modification you get in Spider Injector ESP Apk?

This new hacking tool or apps have so many new items and also allow users to make modifications to previous items according to their needs. You will get new and old items like,


This tab help you to modifiy and added anyone of below mentioned vehicle to game account.

  • Buggy, uaz, trike, bike, Dacia, jet, boat, bus, mirado, scooter, rony, snowmobile, snowmobile, truck, monster truck, ladaniva.
Ar Smg
  • Aug, m762, scar-l, m416, m16a4, mk47 muta, g36c, qbz, Groza, bison, tommygun, mp5k, ump, vector, uzi, dp28, m249.
  • This tab has included so many new snipers like Awm, qbu, SLR, sks, mini14, m24, kar98k, VSS, win94, mk14, and many more.
  • Players will get new shotguns like S12k, DBS, s686, s1897, sickle, machete, crossbow, pan, crowbar, etc.
  • You will get new pistols like Sawedoff, r1895, vz61, p92, p18c, r45, p1911, desert eagle.
  • You have option to make modification in these scope like, Hollow, canted, red dot, 2x, 8x, 3x, 4x, 6x.
  • You will get free unlimited ammo for 7.62, 45acp, 5.56, 9mm, 300magnum, arrow.
Special items

These special items are very useful for getting all those items that are not added to this app. You will special items like,

  • A flare gun, airdrop, drop plane, crate, bag, helmet, vest, painkiller, adrenalin, bandage, energy drink, stung, grenade, smoke, Molotov.
Other items
  • Ar compensator, flash hider ar, compensator SMG, tactical stock, duckbill, suppressor smg, half grip, choke, stock micro, sup sniper, QD SMG, ex qd sniper, bullet loop, thumb grip, gas can, angled grip, flash hider smg, vertical grip, quiver crossbow.

Screenshots of App

What special Scripts and hacks you get after using Spider Injector ESP Apk?

This app has so many hacks and scripts which we have mentioned briefly in the below paragraph for new players. You will get hacks like,

Render Framerate Hack

This hack allows players to modify in-game resolution by changing its frame rate. You can easily change the frame rates to the below-mentioned rates by simply on them.

  • 30 fps
  • 60 fps
  • 90 fps
  • 120 fps

Other Hacks

In this tab, you will so many new and old hacks which you have already used in other hacking tools or apps for the PUBG Mobile game. You will get hacks or scripts like,

  • Box, name, distance, enemy weapon, skeletons, enemy head, radar line, health, grenade alert, 360 alert, size, and position.

By using above mentioned hacks, you can easily know the name, health, location, position, and other information of your enemy. You have also special radar and drone views to monitor enemy activities.

Special Themes

  • Most players have seen this hack first time. Because this hack is newly introduced by the developer which helps to change the theme of the game and also materials used in-game. You can easily change the theme of Material, dual and material distance.

How to download and install Mera Avishkar Spider Injector ESP Apk?

As we have mentioned clearly in the above paragraph that these apps are totally illegal and unethical to download and use. After knowing all this if you still want to use Mera Avishkar ESP Hack then download it from our website using the direct download link given at the end of the article ad install this app on your smartphone and tablet.

While installing the app allow all permissions and also allow an overlap of the app to install this app. After installing the app successfully open the app by click on the app icon. You will see the home page where you need to choose PUBG Version from a different list like,

  • Global
  • Taiwan
  • Vietnam
  • Korea
  • China

 After selecting the PUBG version now select the device operating system and root or no root option and proceed further. Now you see a floating icon on your screen. Tap on the floating icon to access all hacks and items.

After click on the floating icon, you will see different hacks and items. Tap on the hack which you want to activate in your account. You have also the option to select the item which you want to modify according to your requirement.


Mera Avishkar Spider Injector ESP For Android is the latest and working hacking app for the PUBG Mobile game. If you want to hack the PUBGM game then download Auto Chicken ESP APK download and also share this app with your family and friends. Subscribe to our page for more apps and games.

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