How To Get Free Latest 2021 Skin Fire Chief ML For Johnson?

As you know that MLBB game has so many different characters and heroes who have their own special abilities and powers. Today we will tell users about the latest skin “Skin Fire Chief ML” which is specially released for famous characters or hero Johnson.

Like other characters and heroes in ML game Johnson has also so many different skins and costumes which are added by game developers in their new update. In the last update, ML game developers have update Johnson characters to1.4.78 and add new skin for it.

Players who are using Johnson (tank) hero while playing games are continuously searching for easy ways to get this new skin for free. One of the ways is to buy it from the official game but it is too expensive so every player doesn’t afford it.

In this article, we will tell you some legal ways which help you to add this new skin to your game account. Apart from these legal ways, there are so many hacking tools or apps like Zpatcher Injector ML Apk and Nicoo Apk which help you get this free skin.

What is skin fire Chief in Mobile Legends Bang Bang Game?

If you have read the above paragraph then you have gotten enough knowledge about this new skin which is specially added for tank heroes which one of the offensive game characters in the MLBB game.

As you know that skins change the look of your characters and heroes and also add some special features to your game character which helps the player while playing a game that why every user wants to get all new skins in his or her game account.

Players love to use Johnson or tank as their hero because of its so many amazing features and abilities which they most not found in other characters. If you are using tank character for the first time then you must know about the basic skills and abilities of these characters. You will see basic skills like,

Electromag Rays

By using this special shield this character continuously protects your base by slowing enemy damage rate and movement. While using shield players have also the option to use basic attack skills and powers too which help players to kill the enemy.

Electro AirBag

This shield is automatically covered by characters when its HP reduced to 30% and it start absorbs 300 (+700% Total Physical DEF) points of damage for 10s.

Rapid Touch Down

This character can easily transform its shape into a car and accelerate over time. Players have the option to add one teammate to the car with their own characters while moving through the map. You can easily increase the speed of the car by tap the skill Throttle and tap the skill Brake to stop immediately.

Which characters are Good to use with Johnson Skin Fire Chief ML Hero?

As you know that there are tons of different characters and heroes in the MLBB game. while playing in teams you must know about which are good for your characters. We have mentioned some characters which you ride easily with Johnson.

  • Odette
  • Silvanna
  • Benedetta
  • Chou
  • Terizla
  • Aurora
  • Eudora
  • Alice
  • Tigreal
Risky Characters For Tank

These below mentioned characters are risky to use with tank characters like,

  • Layla
  • Miya
  • Granger
  • Claude
Counter Characters For Tank

These below mentioned characters are best to counter your character so protect from them.

  • Esmeralda
  • Grock
  • Zhask
  • Popol And Kupa
  • X.Borg
  • Diggie

How to Get Skin Fire Chief in MLBB Game for Johnson Character?

If you are searching for legal ways to get this new ML skin for your character with a fire extinguisher which makes your hero more offensive and angrier. You will use the below-mentioned ways to get this new skin-like,

Trial Skin

  • One of the simple and easy ways to get this skin is to avail trial version which is free to use and you only able to use this skin once in the trial version to know about its features and look.

Skin Fragment

  • To get this new skin you need to collect fragments in-game by completing different tasks and then easily exchange them with this skin directly from the game store for free.


  • Like other MOBA games, ML also organized special events on different festivals which provide users a platform to get free skins and other game premium items for free.

Mobile Legends mission

  • These missions are also playing a vital role to get free skins and other items. All missions are starting daily, weekly, chest, and others. These missions help players to get free gold, fragments and also skins in-game for free.

Give Way

  • Try official giveaway events organized by game officials. Apart from official giveaways, there are tons of fake giveaways on the internet too. Don trapped to fake giveaways only try official giveaways only.

These above-mentioned ways are not the only ways to get free skins and other game rewards in the MLBB game. There are tons of different ways to get free game items and other features in-game.


Skin Fire Chief ML hero for android is the latest and new skin added by game developer for Johnson hero with a new fire extinguisher.  If you want to get this new skin for free then try any one of the above-mentioned methods and also share it with your family and friends. Subscribe to our page for more apps and games.

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