Siwaslu 2020 Apk v1.0.5 Free Download For Android

If you are from Indonesia then you will definitely know that elections are starting in the country and people need different details about elections and want top monitor election campaigns and different activities then you must download and install “Siwaslu 2020 Apk” for android smartphones and tablets.

As you know that before advancements in technology people don’t have any authentic app or source to get details about elections and also monitor election activity. So, they mostly depend upon local news channels.

These news channels mostly only show information that is ordered by the government and other agencies working in-country. But now people have so many new apps and websites that are always there to monitor election activities.

The main purpose of these apps to make the election process secure and not provide space for people to forge the results on different stations. This technology is recently started in Indonesia and people have to register on this app to make this app successful.

What is Siwaslu 2020 App?

Basically, this is an election monitoring app specially designed for ongoing elections in Indonesia which helps people to get details about their election station and also has the option to monitor the whole election process directly from their smartphone and tablet.

Apart from election monitoring and detail, you have also the option to make complaints about any mishappening in your station. The main purpose of this app to get all details of violation activities of CODE OF CONDUCT reported by users.

Before this app, there is not any other source to report your issues and complaints about election campaigns and also code of conduct now you can easily make complaints using this app directly from your smartphone and tablet.

Information about App

NameSiwaslu 2020
Size10.98 MB
Package Namecom.kode.siwaslu2020&hl
Android RequiredLollipop (5)

This application is a legal app developed by for the people of Indonesia to help them in this ongoing election to choose their leader. It is easily available on google play store and placed in the tool category of google play store.

This application has been recently released on the google play store that why more people are not aware of this app due to which only 50000 people have downloaded this app on their smartphone and tablet with a positive rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 stars.

If you are satisfied with this app and the information which this app provides to you then share this app with your family, friend, and also other people so that more people will get benefit from this app.

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Why Siwaslu 2020 Apk is famous in Indonesia?

As you know that most developing countries don’t have a proper election process due to which powerful people take advantage of violating the election code of conduct and elect their own candidate.

To overcome this issue different private NGOs are working on different projects to make the election process totally electronic in which no one can interfere.  In developing countries, it is not easy to change the whole process urgently.

So these digitals are helpful for people to get authentic information and also monitor the election process that why these types of apps are famous in developing countries like India, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and many more.

Screenshots of App

Key Features

  • Siwaslu 2020 App is a legal app to monitor the election process in Indonesia.
  • App in Indonesian language and designed for people from Indonesia.
  • Need registration to use this app.
  • Simple and working interface with the latest technology.
  • Option to make complaints about violation you see while election.
  • compatible with all android devices and versions.
  • Legal app and available on google play store.
  • No commercial ads.
  • Free to download and use.
  • And many more.

How to download and use Siwaslu 2020 Apk?

If you want to download this app then download it directly from google play store. If you face issue while downloading it from google play store then download it directly from our website using direct download link given at the end of article.

Once installing the app open it and create your account using a valid and active cellphone number. After creating an account activate it by entering the OPT number send on your smartphone.

After activating your account complete your profile by providing all necessary information and start getting all information about the ongoing election.


Siwaslu 2020 For Android is the latest app for Indonesian people to monitor the ongoing elections in the country. If you want to monitor elections then download this app and also share it with other people too. Subscribe to our page for more apps and games.

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