Sikep Mahkamah Agung Apk v1.0 Free Download For Android

As you know that due to coronavirus all countries are trying to digitalize their departments so that people and employees use services online from different digital devices. Like other countries, the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia has also launched their official App “Sikep Mahkamah Agung Apk” for android and iOS users from the country.

This initiative is taken by Gunungsitoli District Court IT Team department to protect employees as well as people from this new wave of coronavirus pandemic which has made huge damages in India, Pakistan, Indonesia, and many more Asian countries.

This app is launched recently by the IT department so this app is currently on third-party websites and also on the official website of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia. People can easily download this app from them on their smartphones and tablet for free.

People who are looking for SIKEP Apk must know that this app is currently not available on official app stores like, Google Play store, iOS store, and many more. This app is currently for test purposes that why developers have not added it to official stores.

What is Sikep Mahkamah Agung App?

As mentioned above it is the latest android application developed by the IT department of the Republic of Indonesia supreme court to help people and employees to use all services of local courts directly from their smartphone and tablet online for free.

Sikep Mahkamah Agung Apk

This app currently in the test phase that why people and employees of limited courts can use this app to avail service online. According to official sources, this app is currently working for all Gunungsitoli District Court.

Information about App

NameSikep Mahkamah Agung
Size10.63 MB
DeveloperFirmanok Dev
Package Namecom.wSIKEP_8581897
Android Required4.0 and Up

All civil servants who are working in Gunungsitoli District Court should download this app to use all services online and also know about all meetings and other information of court through this application.

The civil servant who has below smartphones and tablets with the below-mentioned specification can easily download and install this app on their smartphone and tablet from the official website of Gunungsitoli District Court. You must have specifications like,

  • Minimal Android OS Jellybean Mobile
  • At least 1 GB RAM, 8 GB ROM

Is Sikep Mahkamah Agung for Android legal and officail app?

Most people are still searching for the internet about the legality of this app because this app is not available on the google play store that why people are not using this app to avail service.

As we have clearly mentioned in the above paragraph that it is an official app by the supreme court of Indonesia which is developed and released by their official IT team to help people and also a city employee in this pandemic disease.

If you are currently working in any one of Gunungsitoli District Court then you must download and install this app on your smartphone and tablet and also share this app with your coworkers so that this app gets successful and it helps the government to spread this app to other district courts too.

Screenshots of App

What is main motto behind Sikep Mahkamah Agung App?

The main motto behind this app is to provide people and employees uninterrupted government service in this third wave of covid 19. It will help employees to attain meetings online directly through this app by maintaining SOPs for covid 19.

Now it’s the civil servant’s duty to help the government to succeed in this app by cooperating with them by downloading this app. So that they will be taken more initiative to protect their city from this pandemic disease.

How to download and install Sikep Mahkamah Agung for Android?

If you have a smartphone and tablet with the above-mentioned specifications then you can easily download and install this app on your smartphone and tablet by a tap on the direct download link given below.

While installing this app from the third-party website you need to enable unknown sources from a security setting. After installing the app open it and you will see the main dashboard where you need to enter login detail to avail services of this app.

Gunungsitoli District Court has allotted all its civil servant’s login details which they have to use in this app to show their presence and also use its service. one thing to keep in your mind that it’s only for Gunungsitoli District Court employees.

The employee of other districts courts will not able to log in to this app through their login details because it is currently limited to Gunungsitoli District Courts only.


Sikep Mahkamah Agung for Android is the latest official android app by Gunungsitoli District Court for its civil service servants to show their complete their tasks online from their home in COVID 19. If you are a civil service servant then download this app and also share it with other employees too. Subscribe to our page for more apps and games.

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