Riyan Injector ML Apk v1.0 Free Download For Android

If you have noticed on the internet then you will know that the use of hacking tools or apps is increasing day by day due to free access to all paid features in different games and apps. If you want to unlock all paid features in Mobile Legends Bang Bang game then download “Riyan Injector” for android smartphones and tablets.

As you know that every online game or offline game has so many different purchase items which are necessary for the game to increase your level in-game or boost your ranking worldwide in online games like, POUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Garena Free Fire, MLBB, and many more.

Players who have money and also earning money by playing online video games can easily spend money to buy these paid items but everyone doesn’t afford these expensive items in video games. So, they want shortcuts to avail of these paid features for free.

One of the most used and working short cut for players is to download and install hacking tools, or apps that why the demand for hacking tools or apps is increased in a few months. However, these hacking tools are not legal to download and use.

What is Riyan Injector App?

Basically, this is a third-party hacking tool or app developed by a third-party developer to hack famous fighting or action game Mobile Legends Bang Bang to unlock all paid features in-game for free.

Riyan Injector Apk

Friendly saying now every player who is playing MLBB game is well aware of these injector apps so no one needs any further details about these injector apps because these injector apps are the most used hacking tool or apps for MLBB game.

Information about App

NameRiyan Injector
Size5.99 MB
Package Namecon.now
Android Required4.0+
Price Free

As you know the MLBB game is a MOBA game in which you have to fight against your enemies on a remote island where you have three stages in-game. To win the game you have to beat your enemies and also destroy their base and also protecting your own bases too.

It is also listed in one of the most played action games in 2020 and also it will get success in 2021 because game developers are adding new features frequently in-game which makes this game more interesting and amazing.

What hacks and cheats you get all using Riyan Injector For MLBB?

You will get so many new hacks and items in this latest injector app which we have to discuss briefly for you. So that you will know all about this app and easily decide whether you want to download this app or not. You will get hacks, cheats like,

Unlock All skin

If you notice the name of this category you will definitely know its purpose. Basically, in this category, you will get all locked skins unlocked for free. If you want to unlock all these skins through a legal way you need huge money which everyone not affords.

  • You will get skins like Fighter, Marksman, Tank, Assassin, Mage, and Support. In these skins, you will also get tons of different skins which are categorized according to their power and abilities.
EFEK Recall
  • In this category, you will get tons of different recall for your characters or hero-like, original, fire bolt, the seal of anil claws, sword return, seber exlucive, light bron, dragon tamer, party king, wafe the world and many more.
Battle Emote
  • In this category, you will get battle emotes like, Battle emote original, Bruno hero, Alucard full sound, gexxfam, :P, come&hit Me, Love YA, Fu*k You, Harith EVOS, and many more.
Map Magic Chess
  • In this category, you will get all the latest magic maps which are locked in the original game for free. You will magically map-like, Map Kenki, and many more.
Unlock Analog
  • In this category, you will get all latest and old analogs in the MLBB game for free. You will analogs like Analog custom, analog, original, analog kenki, analog boboiboy, funny, Leona, lightbron spiner, analog gusion analog aurora, analog masha, valir dragon tamer, and many more.
Drone View
  • In this category, you will get a free drone view for all the latest and old magic Maps which are mentioned in the above paragraph. You will get drone views like backup drone view, drone view 2X3, drone view 3X4, and drone view 4X5.
  • In this category, you will get the latest maps like original, zodiac, Doraemon, helown, zodiac v2, prq, zodiac v3, and many more.
Custom Bacground
  • You will get backgrounds like, original, zero two, anime, ABAL ABAL and many more.
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How to get Diamond Gratis in MLBB game using Riyan injector ML?

Apart from above mentioned all hacks and cheats it also provide MLBB players information about the latest app which help you to get free diamonds in MLBB game like, Cashine: Buzz Interact & dapatkan Hadiah and many more.

Intro Custom

In this category, you will get the below-mentioned hacks or cheats like, Backup Intro, Intro bigetron Alpa, Intro onic Esports, Intro PRQ Production, Intro channel aing, and many more.

Contact Me

This category provides players to access developers directly from these sources like YouTube, Grup WA, My Instagram, My Tiktok. If they get stuck using this app or face any issues while injecting hacks and cheats.

Screenshots of App

What get Login details of Riyan injector App?

You can easily get the Apk file of this app on different third-party websites and also on media fire. But players are not getting login details of this app to hack the MLBB game.

You can get login details on YouTube by watching videos of gamers who have already use this app on their account. But friendly saying this app has released recently so you will not get YouTube videos easily.

If you want to work and the latest login details then you are on the right page because, in this paragraph, we will tell you login details that help you to use this app. You can use “sumpah gila” as the password for this app which we are discussing here for you.

How to download and inject free hacks or cheats in MLBB game using Riyan Injector Apk?

If you want to inject the latest cheats or hacks in the MLBB game then download and install the latest version of the Riyan Injector ML App on your smartphone and tablet using the direct download link given at the end of the article and install this app on your smartphone and tablet.

While installing app allow all permissions and also enable unknown source from security setting. After installing the app open it and you will see the home page where you need a password to enter into the app. Type “sumpah gila” as the password for this app and click on the start button.

You will see a new tab with a different cheat or hack categories which are mentioned in the above paragraph. Now select your desired cheat or hack category and you will see tons of different cheats or hack for the category you have selected. Now inject cheat which you want in your game account.


Riyan Injector Free Skin for Android is the latest injector app to get free skins in the MLBB game. If you want to inject free latest skins in the MLBB game then download this app and also share it with your family and friends. Subscribe to our page for more apps and games.

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