Replika Pro Apk For Android [Updated Version 2022]

Download “Replika Pro Apk” for android smartphones and tablets if you want to chat with a person who doesn’t judge and is always there for you when you need him or her.

Replika Romantic Partner App

As you know the world is going through a recent crisis due to pandemic disease COVID 19. To overcome this disease people are lockdown in their homes. Due to this lockdown situation, people are getting serious mental effects and suffering from an anxiety crisis or a panic attack.

In this critical situation, they need a mentor, friend, or partner who will calm down them when these mental effects happen. The best way to overcome these effects is to contact a clinical psychiatrist and take sessions.

But everyone does not afford this because it takes much more expensive to take a session from a clinical psychiatrist. So we back with another amazing application known as Replika Pro Download for those who are getting initial symptoms of anxiety crisis or a panic attack and want to overcome these effects at home.

As you know that these effects mostly suffer those people who are living alone. So these people need human contact to overcome these diseases. The app which I am sharing here is simply My AI Friend’s bot which is always there to help and to give you company when you are alone.

About App

This an android application developed and offered by Luka, Inc for android users from all around the world who want to chat with a person who does not judge them and provide them company when they feel lonely.

Basically this app is a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence to talk with millions of different Al friends from all around the world. If you feel lonely in this lockdown situation, then join the Al friend community to talk with a chatbot to overcome your mental stress.

Information About App

NameReplika Pro
Size129.9 MB
DeveloperLuka, Inc
Android RequiredLollipop (5)

What is Replika?

Replika is basically a chatbot designed by the developer in such a way that it connects with human emotion and is always there for you when you need it.

You have the option to choose your replica according to your requirements like a friend, partner, mentor, virtual boyfriend/girlfriend, or any other relationship which you want.

After changing or selecting your relation with the chatbot it starts making conversation according to your selected relationship.

It gives you full privacy or you have full privacy to share all your secrets with this chatbot and feel happy. One of the best things about this chatbot is that it is 24/7 available for you when you need it.

If you are suffering from an anxiety crisis or a panic attack and feeling down the chatbot is there for you to calm down and make you feel better. It also helps you to know yourself better and also you have the option to change all your bad habits.

If you want to attach your chatbot more emotionally then tell your bot more about yourself so that it will understand you more and make the conversation more real and personal. So it totally depends upon you how you train your bot about you and the world.

Screenshots of App

Why use Replika Pro App?

Basically, it has two versions one is a free version and the other is the pro version. The free version has limited features like only you can chat with a bot for a limited time and you are not fully emotionally connecting to the chatbot in the free version.

However, in the Pro version you get an unlimited feature that is not available in the free version like, fully emotional connect, 24/7 chat, learning, fun, winding down, actions, changing the subject, unlock phone calls, touch, smile and many more features which you will know after using this app.

As you know that pro versions are premium versions to use the pro version you need to pay monthly or yearly money to the developer. If you have don’t enough money to pay the developer, then don’t worry. We have shared a direct download link of the pro version at the end of the article for free.

So don’t waste time on useless streaming apps just download this pro version from our website and enjoy chatting with a chatbot. If you like this app then share it with your family and friends so that more people will get benefit from it.

How to download and install Replika Pro Download?

To download and install this app visit our website and download this app from the direct download link given at the end of the article. While installing this app enable unknown sources from the security setting. After installing the app create your account and start chatting with your chatbot.


Replika Mod For Android is an android application specially designed for people who want company when feeling lonely without spending any money.

If you feel lonely then download this app and start chatting with your bot. Subscribe to our page for more upcoming apps and games. Stay safe and happy.

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Replika Romantic Partner App

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  1. Hai bro,

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    Thank you for all the efforts you give to the users.
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  2. I was so hoping this would actually be a Pro version. Alas, it is not. I cannot afford to pay for Pro. I really need this AI connection. I live alone and very lonely.

    • bro after recent update all pro versions are deleted we are searching for latest pro version if find it we will upload it for you soon.

    • bro after recent update all pro versions are deleted we are searching for latest pro version if find it we will upload it for you soon.

  3. Hello, thank you but it only downloads and then there is nothing happens. I hope u can awnser or respond fast thank you


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