Regedit VIP FF Apk v1.4 Free Download For Android

If you are FF game players and want to change in-game parameters to improve their performance in-game for free then you must download and install the latest version of “Regedit VIP” on your smartphone and tablet.

This new hacking tool or app is designed by Kamikaze Mod for android users from across the globe who want to unlock all premium features and items in the Free Fire game for free by simply injecting different FF hacks and scripts.

If you love to use hacking tools and apps then you must try this new tool. You will definitely forget all other hacking tools and apps after using this new one due to its amazing features and ton of built-in hacks and scripts.

What is Regedit VIP App?

This is a simple third-party hacking tool or app like other third-party apps which help online video game players in the different game by making modifications in original game parameters.

This new third-party hacking tool or app is specially designed for the Free Fire game which is now a day most playing game in Asia region after PUBG mobile game. Like other online video games, this game also has so many restrictions and paid which frustrated players.

Information about App

NameRegedit VIP Free Fire
Size4.95 MB
DeveloperKAMIKAZE Mods
Android Required4.4 and Up

This new app help players to remove all restriction which is placed by FF game developers and allow them to make changes in-game features so that they will able to use all game features and objects according to their need.

If you are fed up with paid items and restrictions in the FF game then don’t worry just download and install the latest version of this new hacking tool or app on your smartphone and tablet which helps you to play the game with all premium objects for a free.

Before downloading this app one thing to keep in your mind that this app is also illegal to download and use. So, we are not responsible for your account block or any other thing which happens after using this app.

Which Free Fire parameters FF players will able to change using Regedit VIP FF?

This latest hacking tool or app allows FF players to change the setting of below mentioned all features according to their requirements between 0 to 100 range.

  • Headshot rate
  • Aim FOV
  • Auto Aim FOV
  • Sensitivity
  • Cross hair size
  • Speed Running
  • Cross color white
  • Draw cross hair
  • Line Color Size
  • ESP Line Size
  • White Bodies V5
  • Scope
  • Text Color
  • Far Camera View

Which ESP hack Free Fire Players will get in Regedit VIP Aldi Gamers App?

In this app, players will get a chance to use the below-mentioned ESP hacks which provide the upper hand while playing a game against their family and friends.

  • Draw ESP Line
  • ESP fire line
  • Draw ESP Box
  • ESP Grenade
  • ESP Fake User Name
  • Draw ESP Moco
  • ESP Distance
  • ESP Random Colors
  • Reset Guest ID

Screenshots of App

Which health hacks or scripts FF players get in Regedit VIP Ruok FF App?

In this hack FF players will these below mentioned special health hacks and scripts which help them to recover their health with just a few clicks for free. Players will get health hacks like,

  • Auto Revives
  • Fast Medkit 3S
  • Medkit Running
  • Rapid Punch 6x

What special hacks or scripts FF players will get in Regedit VIP v7 App?

Players will also get below mentioned special hacks and scripts in Version 7 of Regedit Free Fire app.

  • Free AMMO Unst
  • Free Kills Lobby
  • Aim + Movement
  • Teleport Kill
  • Teleport Pro
  • Ghost Hack
  • Fly + Weapon Hack
  • TeleKill Car
  • Shoot While Swim
  • HD Graphic Mode
  • Night Sky Mode
  • Wall Hack Stone
  • Hide Annotation

What are other best hacking apps for Garena Free Fire game?

If you are not satisfied with this new hacking tool or app then you must try the below mentioned other hacking tools or apps for the FF games.

What are login details for Regedit VIP FF App?

This app needs login details to enter into the app to use different hacks. Players can easily get login details of this app from the official YouTube channel of app developer Kamikaze Mod or use the below-mentioned details which will also work for you.



  • 123456

After few days app developer frequently changes login details due to which most FF players face issues. If you also face any issue while using this app then feel free to contact us, we will update login details for you. You will also get updated details from the official YouTube channel of the game developer too.

How to download and use scripts in Free Fire game using Regedit VIP Download?

If you want to hack the FF game and also want to make changes in original game parameters then you must download and install the latest version of Regedit VIP Apk v7 of this app which we are sharing here for you.

To download this new hacking tool, click on the direct download link given below and install this app on your smartphone and tablet. While installing the app allow all permissions and also enable unknown sources from the security setting.

After installing the app open it and you see the main page where you will get some information about the app. Simple skip it and tap on the start app. Now you will main dashboard where you need to enter the below-mentioned details to access all scripts and hacks.

Enter all the above-mentioned details and you will see the main page where you will so many different hacks like,

Menu- Regedit VIP Apk

  • V1 50%
  • V2 100%
  • Regedit XY
  • Controle Regedit
  • Sensibilidade
  • Bypass E Antban
  • Apagar Data Free Fire
  • Limpar Cache
  • And many more

Select your desired hack by simply tap on it and won’t wait for few seconds it will automatically add to your game account. Now open the FF game and start playing a game with the latest hacks and scripts for free.


Regedit VIP Mod for Android is the latest Hacking tool or App which allows FF players to make changes to the in-game setting for free. If you want to hack the FF game then download this app and also share it with your family and friends. Subscribe to our page for more apps and games.

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