Plant vs UnDead Apk v1.0 For Android [NFTs & PvU Earning]

We always try to provide useful apps and games that help them in their daily life. Today we are back with another free-to-earn blockchain game “Plant vs. UnDead APK” for Android and iOS users from all around the world.

This game has the same concept as other monster games Plant vs. Zombies and many more. In this game, players will get a chance to earn cryptocurrencies which they can easily use to buy different premium assets and also redeem them into real money.

If you have good in plant vs. zombie games and want to utilize your gaming skills then you must try this new blockchain-earning game on your device from their official website or directly from any legal source for free.

What is a Plant vs. UnDead Game?

As mentioned above it is the new and latest Android and iOS blockchain earning game developed and released by PvU for video game players from all around the world who want to earn real money by killing monsters and zombies in a free online game.

Friendly saying this game has the same gameplay and other features as other monster games that we have mentioned above. In this game, you have to protect your land from a monster by farming different plants on your land.

Players have to make an army of plants by farming in the garden to kill and out the undead monster from the garden. Like other undead monster games in this game, players have to the formation of plants by spreading all plants across the garden or field to attack monsters.

Most players think that it is a simple game and they can easily beat the monster and earn money but in reality, this game needs more sense of humor, strategy, and gardening mechanics of Plant vs. Undead for water plants, plant types, and many more.

Information about Game

NamePlant vs UnDead
Size38.7 MB
Package Namecom.PvU.PvUFarm
Android Required5.0+

If you are playing this game for the first time then you may know all the basic skills and mechanics of the game to get more rewards otherwise you will not be able to earn money. To earn more money, you need to know about all plants and their types.

If you are really interested in earning money through this new blockchain game then you must read this article or visit the official website where you will get enough information about plants, monsters, and other game features that help you while playing games.

 After installing the game if you don’t like this new blockchain game then you may also try below below-mentioned earning apps and games on your device for free My Defi Pet Apk & Dragonary Apk.

Why plant position is important in Plant vs. UnDead Game Download?

As mentioned above this game totally depends upon the gardening mechanism. One of the important parts of the gardening mechanism is plant position which provides synergy which helps players to increase the abilities and powers of plants in the garden.

In this game, players will get different plants with different powers and abilities. To improve plant powers, you have to place them in the right position in-game. We have mentioned some basic positions for new players like,

  • Players who use fire plants in the garden must place 3 adjacent fire plants which give them ignite while attacking.
  • If a player places 5 adjacent fire plants, then it gives them an explosion.
  • Like fire plants, players can move and place other elements in-game in different places to make synergy.

Screenshots of Game

What PvU tokens in Plant vs. UnDead NFT Game and how they are used in-game?

As you know every offline and online game has its own currency which players use to buy premium items, features, and objects in the game. In this game, players will use two currencies PvU tokens and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

PvU tokens are used in-game as the main currency which is used in-game for different purposes like,

  • It is used by players to buy seeds and plants from marketplaces.
  • It can be exchanged with NTS assets and tokens.
  • Option to send these PvU tokens to friends in the game to help them.
  • Option to exchange with real money.

How to download and play Plant vs. UnDead APK Android?

After reading this article if you want to download this new game then download it from their official website or from our website using the direct download link given below. While installing the game allow all permissions and also enable unknown sources from the security setting.

After installing the game open it and you will be asked to connect the Meta Mask wallet by scanning the QR code. Most players face errors while creating and logging into the account because this game is still in the test and beta phase.

Once players successfully log in to their account by connecting to the metamask wallet players will see a new game feature that involves a “batch scheduling system” where players are assigned batches.

The main motto of this new batching system is to provide every user a chance to play the game in a specific time period. All players see the timer on their screen while playing the game. once their time is ended players will have to stop the game and wait for their next batch.

As mentioned above this game is in the beta and test phase so many players are facing different issues and developers are working on various improvements to provide players smooth gaming platform.


Plant vs UnDead NFT Game Android is the latest blockchain earn game for Android and iOS users. If you want to earn real money through cryptocurrency then try this new game and also share this game with your family and friends. Subscribe to our page for more apps and games.

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