PKT VPN Apk For Android [Updated 2022]

If you are having frequent access to public Wi-Fi networks then you must need to download any VPN or other app to secure your information and other important data. Today we are back with the free VPN app “PKT VPN” which provides you full protection while using public Wi-Fi networks.

Friendly saying now smartphones are an important part of everyone’s life and people store their important data on their smartphones and tablet form they can easily access it anywhere at any time.

Most people still don’t use any app to protect their data and other information due to which they are easily targeted by a hacker when they use any public or unprotected Wi-Fi network. Hackers use this data for illegal activities which are too risky.

What is PKT VPN Apk?

This is a new VPN app developed and released by a third-party developer for android users who want to protect and secure their identity while surfing the internet. Apart from protecting their identity users will also be able to access all block services in the region through this new app.

Friendly saying VPN apps are not new for most users who know the importance of privacy and other security issues which they face while using any unsecured internet connection. These VPN apps simply hide your original IP address and show a fake IP address that is not easily tracked by hackers and other people.

In the last few years, people have started using VPNs and other security apps to protect their data due to which VPN apps are getting more popular and developers are developing new VPN apps on daily basis. Most VPNs have limited features for free.

Information about App

Size4.34 MB
Android Required4.4+

To access pro or premium features users need to pay money or subscribe to their premium packages. But this app which we are sharing here today will help you to avail of all features for free. You only need to download this app on your smartphone and tablet to access premium features.

Which regions server do users get in the new virtual private network app PKT VPN Apk Download?

In this new VPN app, android and iOS users get tons of free servers which help users to hide their identity by joining any one of below mentioned free country servers like,

  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Japan
  • Singapore
  • Netherlands

If you want to join any one of the above-mentioned best servers then you need to download this new server app from any third-party website and enjoy access to blocked websites and videos.

After reading this article if you are not satisfied with this new VPN app then you may also try these below-mentioned VPN apps,

Alternate third-party apps with new servers for android devices

Key Features

  • PKT VPN Apk Download is the latest third-party VPN app that helps Android users to protect their identity while using the internet.
  • It has a vast collection of the world’s best country servers which we have mentioned above for new users.
  • Lite weight app with multiple features which help both android and iOS users to remove limitations and restrictions of different websites and content on the internet.
  • It protects users’ data and other important information from hackers and other people who are always keep eye on your online activities.
  • Protect your secure your Wi-Fi network from viruses and other harmful things.
  • Simple and easy to use and also work faster than other VPN apps.
  • Provide users direct access to blocked services on the internet.
  • Ads free application and designed only for personal use.
  • Free to download and use.
  • No need for any registration or subscription to avail of free services.
  • And many more.

Screenshots of App

How to download PKT VPN Apk files to access bock websites and Apk Files for free?

If you want to unlock blocked websites and other internet services in your regions then you need the latest VPN app that helps you to remove all limitations and restrictions. You can easily download a VPN app from any third-party website or Google play store for free.

We have also shared Apk files of the latest version of the new VPN app in this article. To download the VPN apk file, click on the direct download link given at the end of the article and install this new VPN app on your smartphone and tablet.

While installing this VPN apk on your android phone you need to allow all permissions and also need to enable unknown sources from security settings. After installing the PKT VPN app now open it and you will main dashboard where you will see the below-mentioned option,

  • Select Region
  • Best server
  • Option
  • Stop

If you want to connect your network to a new server then tap on the best server option in Infront of the region and you will list the below-mentioned list of servers,

  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Japan
  • Singapore
  • Netherland

To connect new server simply tap on any one of the servers and it will automatically connect to that server and show you all detail like speed, data, downloading, uploading, and other features of your network on your screen

If you want to disconnect the server then tap on the stop option at the end of the app. Once you Tap on the stop option it will stop automatically and you will automatically connect to your normal Wi-Fi network.

Once you successfully connect to any server now start surfing on the internet and also access all harmful websites with full privacy and protection. You can easily use all the options available in a new version of this new amazing app use to change your original IP address with fame IP addresses


PKT VPN 2021 for Android is the latest Android app that helps users to secure their information and other data while using public networks. If you want to protect your identity while using public Wi-Fi network then download this new VPN app and also share this new app with more android users so that everyone able to take benefit from it.

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