Nicoo Apk v1.4.0(40) Free Download For Android (FF Skins)

If you want to modify the Garena Free Fire game according to your own requirements using the latest patch or mod app then you must download and install the latest version of “Nicoo Apk” for android smartphones and tablets.

As you know the use of the mod or hacking tools is increasing day by day in every online and offline game. Like other online and offline games, there are tons of different hacking tools or apps for FF games too like, Tool Skin Apk, CNUS Tech FF Apk, and many more which help players in different ways.

Initially, players need so many different hacking tools or apps to hack different features like, need a separate app to get free diamonds, skins, boost their ranking globally, and many more. But now they only need a single all-in-one hacking tool or app.

If you are searching for an all-in-one tool or app for the Garena Free Fire game then you have landed the right page at right time. Because in this article we will tell you about the latest hacking tool which will help you to get all hacks under a single application.

What is Nicoo App?

Basically, this is a hacking tool or app which allows the user to access all paid features and locked items in the Garena Free Fire game for free by modifying game codes.

This app not only hacks game but also provide players direct access to different royale and elite passes which provide users legal ways to get free gifts and other features in-game. We have discussed all features of elite passes below for new players.

Information about App

Size13.89 MB
Package Namecom.naviemu.nicoo
Android RequiredLollipop (5)

As you know that FF has added so many new characters and also skins in their game according to new year’s which you will not get in previous hacking tools or MOD version so you need the latest app which works according to the 2021 update so that you will get all latest features for free.

This app which we are discussing here has almost all the latest skins, weapons, characters, pets, parachutes, and many more new features in-game. To access these all-new features, you need to run the FF game through this application.

What type of rewards you get after using Nicoo FF App?

This app is basically patching the game and allows users to use all locked features and paid items in-game for free. After using this app, you will get the below-mentioned patches in game-like,


It also allows players to customized their character, pet, and also weapons by changing their skins according to their needs. You have tons of different free skins for customizing your characters.


This app also helps you to unlocked weapons skins in-game which are locked by the developer. You have the option to unlock skins for the below-mentioned weapons for free using this app.

  • XM8, UMP, Treatment, SPASI2, SKS, SCAR, Parang, Pan, P90, MP40, MP5, MGL140, M1887, M1873, M1014, M500, M249, M60, M79, M14, M4A1, Katana, Kar98k, GROZA, Grenade, Gloo Wall, GATLING, G18, FAMAS, Desert, Crossbow, CG15, Bat, AN94, Ak.

In every MOBA game, you have the option to choose different characters and heroes before start any matches. But the most useful character with more power is locked. FF has also many heroes and characters which you will see in-game. You will get heroes like,

  • Nulla, Primis, Dasha, Chrono, Clu, Jai, K, Kelly, Hayato, Kapella, Wolfrahh, Shani, Notora, Steffie, Alok, Alvaro, Jota, Luqueta, A124, Joseph, Lura, Rafael, Moco, Caroline, Wukong, Paloma, Maxim, Kla, Miguel, Antonia, Misha, Nikita, Olivia, Andrew, Ford and many more for free.

As you know that FF game has so many different pets that are usually locked and you need to pay money to unlocked the game. Once you use this app you will have the option to unlock all paid pets like,

  • Beaston, Rockie, Mr. Waggor, Falco, Otero, Poring, Robo, Spirit Fox, Shiba, Kitty, Mechanical Pup, Night Panther, detective Panda, etc.
Free Gift

This app allows you to win daily and weekly base free gifts which you will get from the game lobby after login into the game through this app. You will get gifts like,

  • Battlefield bundle, Leg Pockets, Weapon Royal Voucher, Bonfire, Tinhead, Diamond Royale Voucher, Battlefield bundle male, and many more.

Screenshots of App

What royale vouchers You get after using Nicoo FF?

This app has so many amazing gifts and royale which help players to unlock all premium features in-game by spending money for free. It is totally legal and safe app so don’t worry about your game account.

After using this app, you will many different royale vouchers which help to buy premium features in-game for free. You will royale vouchers like,

  • Faded Wheel, diamond Royale, Weapons Royale, Gold Royale, Incubator, Japan Royale and Megaloon Alpha, Free Pass, and Elite Pass.

What you get if you get elite pass using Nicoo App?

According to the app, official players have a chance to win free pass and elite pass daily as a reward for completing each task in-game. If you get an elite pass through this app then you will get the below benefits in the FF game.

  • Unlock exclusive rewards worth 10000 diamonds.
  • Easy access to elite challenges and get more badges.
  • Unlock 50 badges instantly.
  • Daily gold limit increase by 100.
  • Nickname is shown as a glorious red in kills.
  • Unlocked all latest avatars.

Is Nicoo Free Fire Download is safe to download and use?

As you know that all mod and patch have a conflict with the original game because these patch or mod version makes changes to in-game setting and modify the game according to players needs, so these apps are illegal but safe to use and download.

This app is also a patched app so it is also not legal to use and download. However, still players use this app to unlock paid features. If you want to try this app then try it on your secondary account and also launch all hacking in-game lobby only.

What do Free Fire Game Players get in the Latest Version v1.4.0(40) of NicooApp Free Fire?

In this latest version developers have solved all bugs and other errors FF players face while using this app. One of the most important errors which most FF players face while using this app is a login error through FaceBook id.

In this latest version developers have to fix Facebook account login may cause a backscreen error. Now FF players can easily access this app through their Facebook account without any problem or issue.

Apart from bugs and error fix developers have also added all-new 2021 FF skins, emotes, characters, heroes, weapons, and many more premium game items in their rewards list so that players can easily get all the latest FF tools and items for free through this new app without any barrier for free.

this app also allows other online video game players to join the discord facility arrange by this new app where they will get a chance to meet new online game players from all around the world.

How to download and use Nicoo Skin App?

If you want to use this app to unlock paid features and items in the FF game then download the Apk file of the Nicoo Download App from our website using the direct download link given at the end of the article and install this app on your smartphone and tablet.

While installing the app allow all permissions and also enable unknown sources from the security setting. After installing the app open it. To use this app, you must have installed the Free Fire game on your smartphone and tablet.

Now open the Nicoo Free Fire app and run the Free Fire game in this app and wait for few seconds to start the game completely. Once the game starts on your device now open the game lobby and choose the skins, pets, diamonds which you want to inject into your account.

You can easily change any hack by using the floating icon on your screen. This app working continuously in the background while you playing the game. For more protection use one hack at once time.


Nicoo FF For Android is the latest hacking tool or app for FF game which allow players to make patches in FF game for free. If you want to modify the FF game then download this app and also share it with your family and friends. Subscribe to our page for more apps and games.

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