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Before manga’s people love to story novel and other storybooks but now people love to read manga’s stories because of their unique storyline, in-depth plots, and characters. If you want to read all famous manga for free then you must download and install the latest version of “MangaOwl Apk” for android smartphones and tablets.

Basically, manga stories are referring to Japanese comics which are initially famous in japan but manga stories have covered the whole world due to its amazing unique characters and storyline. Now people search for original Japanese mangas in different international languages.

You can easily find manga’s stories in different genres and also mangas are published in serial form and every manga’s stories have a minimum of 20 to 40 pages and these pages are published by the writer from time to time. So people need such an app which provides them all series at the same time.

After the easy access to manga stories now people of all age groups love to read manga stories regardless of nationality, age, and gender. These number of readers are increasing day by day due to which demand for manga websites and app is increasing.

What is MangaOwl App?

As name indicates is manga app which provide manga reader direct access to original Japanese’s manga’s stories in different international languages so that people will easily understand story line and enjoy reading manga’s stories.

You can easily found many different manga apps on internet and also on our website but this app is different from all previous manga apps because it not only provides original Japanese’s manga’s stories but also have vast collection of American manga’s stories which are made specially for adults.

Information about App

Size68.89 MB
Package Nameeu.kanade.tachiyomi.extension.en.mangaowl
Android RequiredJelly Bean (4.1.x)

If you all new or beginner manga’s reader, then you will not different between official English translations and fan-made translations and friendly saying most of the manga apps only provide you fan-made translations. So it is not easy for you to find an original app that gives you an original translation.

The importance of original translation only known by the avid reader and he does not enjoy while reading fan-made translation because they have mostly change the character and place names and many more which is not a good thing.

If you ask for anyone for the best manga’s story app or website, then everyone tells you about different apps and websites because there are tons of free online manga apps and websites. So it is good for you to download or use websites which has more genre and also have complete episodes for free.

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Categories on MangaOwl Apk

When you download this app and open it you will see the below-mentioned categories on your mobile phone screen.

Must Read Today

  • Shards of fate, Karasugaoka Don’t be shy!! 2, Girls und Panzer – MAHO X CHOBI LIFE (Doujinshi), Haikyuu!! – Shufuku no Namae wa (Doujinshi), Haikyuu!! – Aiiro Stardust (Doujinshi), Love Live! – NicoMaki Okeshou Manga (Doujinshi) and many more.

New Released

  • Virgin Extinction Island, Alice in Borderland RETRY, King of Spirit Beast, A Story About an Indecisive Girl Caught Between Her Girlfriend and Ex-Girlfriend, Tiger & Bunny – Dragon Kid no Renai Douchuu Hizakurige (Doujinshi), Living in an Abandoned Bu and many more.


  • Namaikizakari., 30 Minute Walk, A Vacation With The Ponytailed Tanning Boy, Tadokoro-san(Official), Timid Palette, Exotic Love, Martial Master, Wu Ling (Martial Spirit) Sword Master, Yuki Arare’s Pixiv Collection, Trinity Seven: 7-nin no Mashotsukai, Studies With A Crush and many more.


  • Beastars, Painter of the Night(Yahwacheop), Blood Link, K’s Secret, Solo Leveling, Room to Room, Who Made me a Princess, Kimetsu no Yaiba, This Is An Obvious Fraudulent Marriage, The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation, One Punch-Man, Boku no Hero Academia and many more.

Screenshots of App

Genres in MangaOwl Apk

  • 4 koma, Action, Adaptation, Adventure, Aliens, Animals, Anthology, Award winning, bara, bl, Cars, Comedy, Cooking, Crime, Crossdressing, Delinquents, Dementia, Demons, Doujinshi, Drama, Ecchi, Fan colored, Fantasy, Full color, Game, Gender Bender, Genderswap, Ghosts, Gore, Gyaru, Harem, Historical, Horror, Incest, Isekai, Josei, Kids, Loli, Long strip, Mafia, Magic, Magical girls, Manhua, Manhwa
  • Martial Arts, Mature, Mecha, Medical, Military, Monster girls, Monsters, Music, Mystery, Ninja, NOVEL, Office workers, Official colored, One shot, Parody, Philosophical, Police, Post apocalyptic, Psychological, Reincarnation, Reverse harem, Romance, Samurai, School, Sci-Fi, Seinen, Sexual violence, Shota, Shotacon, Slice of Life
  • Smut, Space, Sports, Super Power, Superhero, Supernatural, Survival, Thriller, Time travel, Traditional, games, Tragedy, Uncategorized, User created, Vampire, Vampires, Video games, Villainess, Virtual reality, Web comic, Webtoon, Webtoons, Wuxia, Yaoi, Yuri and Zombies.

How to download and install MangaOwl Apk?

If you want to read the latest manga stories in English and other international languages then you need to download and install the latest version of MangaOwl on your smartphone and tablet.

To download this app, click on the direct download link given at the end of the article and install this app on your smartphone and tablet. While installing app allow all permissions and also enable unknown source from security setting.

After installing the app open it and start reading your favorite manga’s stories. You have the option to read and share your favorite manga stories with your family and friends too. So that they will not miss any important story.


MangaOwl App is an android application specially designed for android users who want to read manga stories for free without spending a single penny.

If you want to read the latest manga stories, then download this app and also share this app with your family and friends. Subscribe to our page for more apps and games.

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