How To Get M14 Egg Hunter in Free Fire Weapon Skin For Free?

Every player in different MOBA online games is waiting for new updates in which developers add new features and items so that players enjoy the game with new features and items. Today we are talking about new items or skins “M14 Egg Hunter in Free Fire” which is added by the developer in a recent April 2023 update.

Basically, this is the new skin for the famous weapon M14 which is famous in the FF game. this new skin gives this weapon a new look or appurtenance which helps players to face enemies with more confidence and power with this new look.

As you know that every new item added by the developer is so expensive to buy which is why players search for alternative ways which help the player to avail of this item without paying or spending real money or game currency for free.

If you want to add this new skin to your game account then you are lucky because, in this article, we will tell you different legal ways which help unlock this new skin in-game for free by following the below mentioned on your game account.

What is M14 Egg Hunter in Free Fire?

Basically, this new skin added by the FF game developer for Free Fire players helps players to change the look of their favorite weapon M14 by using this new skin for free.

Apart from physical appearance it also adds so many other features to your weapons that help players while destroying enemies and their bases on battlefields.

M14 Egg Hunter in Free Fire

Once you add this new skin to your weapon M14 you will get below mentioned extra features in your weapon like,

  • Doubles the range of your weapon due to which you can easily kill enemies from a long distance.
  • Boosts and increases the damage rate which helps players on the battlefield to kill enemies and destroy their base.
  • Reduces the reloading speed.

What are Legal Ways to Get M14 Egg Hunter in Free Fire Skin for Free?

One of the most searched questions on the internet. Because every player in the FF game needs this new skin which is very expensive to buy directly from the game store so they search for alternate ways to get free access to this new skin.

Free Fire Royale Weapon Pass

Players can easily unlock this new premium skin in-game by using below mentioned official game events for free like,

Free Fire Spin wheel Event
Free Fire Diamonds Pass

How to get M14 Egg Hunter in Free Fire skin from Weapon Royale And Spin Wheel event FF for free?

To get this new skin players need to follow below mentioned steps on their game account.

  • First players need to download the latest version FF game and install it on their smartphone and tablet from the google play store.
  • After installing the app now run the FF game on your device and navigate to the Luck Royale section in the main menu bar on the left side corner of your device.
  • You will see the different events on a list like a weapon royale, spin wheel, and many more.
  • Select weapon royale from the list by a tap on it.
  • Now player sees two options one lucky draw and the other spin option select any one of these options and proceed further.
  • If you choose a lucky draw and participate in it and get free M14 Egg Hunter Skin as a reward.
  • After participating in an event now claim your reward and wait for a few seconds it will automatically add to your game account for free.
  • If you do not get a reward in the first lucky draw then try again to get more chances to win for free.

One thing that keeps in your mind is that this event is a time bond and players have only 22 days left to avail of this new skin for free through the Weapon Royale section event in the FF game. so, don’t waste time just grab this opportunity by participating in in-game events for free.


M14 Egg Hunter in Free Fire Skin for Android is the latest game item added by the FF game developer in-game which helps players to change the look of their weapon and also improve its other features like damage rate, range, and many more for free.

If you want to get this new premium weapon skin then participate in the above FF events and also share these events with other Free Fire players so that more players will get benefit from this new FF event. Subscribe to our page for more FF guides and event details.

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