What is Less Is More FF Event?

As you know that there is big competition among online battle royale games due to which every game developer added new events to their game to attract more players. Like other game famous MOBA game FF have also arranged a new event “Less Is More FF” for Android and iOS users from all around the world.

Friendly saying this event is not new to most FF players because Free Fire officials arranged such an event a few months ago too. If you have participated in that event then you can also easily patriciate in this event too with any complications.

However, for those players who have not used any such event before we will try to discuss briefly every feature and aspect of this event is that they will take full benefit from this new event. If you are a new player then read this whole article and try all the below-mentioned steps to participate in this new event less is more ff.

What is Less Is More FF Event?

As mentioned above it is the latest event organized by Garena Free Fire officials for FF players from Indonesia. This event helps players to get all premium or locked FF items, features, and products at cheaper prices than a normal game.

Like other online and offline games, this game also has so many expensive premium items like, new skins, characters, weapons, maps, emotes, and many more items which players can get after completing a certain task in the game or reaching a certain level in the game.

As you know that it is not easy for a new player to complete all tasks and missions in the game so they prefer other sources to access premium resources in the game. Most players use illegal tools and apps to unlock these premiums which is totally illegal and unsafe to use and download.

To cover the use of hacking tools and apps game developers have started arranging different events in which they give players different premium items as rewards so that they prefer playing the original game to using illegal sources.

This new event is also arranging by a game official which helps FF players to buy all expensive game items with lower or cheaper prices legally. This event is available for a limited time after that limited time this event will be automatically expired.

So, players have to join this event in the mentioned time period and take full benefit from it by buying all their favorite game items at cheaper prices. Apart from game items players will also get special discounts on diamonds, coins, and other FF game currencies.

What are the prices FF players will get while buying diamonds in the FF game in Less Is More FF Event?

In this event, FF players will below be mentioned a discount on the below-mentioned diamonds sets,

  • 0-99 Diamonds: IDR 15 thousand to buy 520 Diamonds100-249 Diamonds: IDR 30 thousand to buy 520 Diamonds
  • 250-498 Diamonds: IDR 46 thousand to buy 520 Diamonds
  • >498 Diamonds: Rp. 61 thousand for 520 to buy Diamonds

When is the event Less is more ff 2023?

This new event is now an official start across the globe. Now players can easily access this event directly from their game account. If you don’t know how to participate in this event then you must follow the below-mentioned steps on your game account.

  • First, download and launch the FF game and open your game account.
  • Now click on the diamond icon located in the right corner of the FF game account.
  • After tapping on the diamond icon, you will see different top-up options on your screen.
  • Choose fewer and more option lists shown on your screen.
  • Now choose the option from the list which suits the remaining diamonds in your game account.
  • After choosing the option it will show you the price which you have to pay to add diamonds to your game account.
  • We have mentioned all diamond packages above which players will get in this new FF game event.

Less Is More FF 2023 for Android is the latest special event for Free Fire players which helps them to purchase diamonds in the game at a low price. If you want to purchase diamonds in the game then participate in the event and also share it with your family and friends.

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