KineMaster Video Layer Apk v4.11.14.14092.GP For Android

Download “KineMaster Video Layer Apk” for android smartphones and tablets. By using this amazing app you can edit different video and it also supports multiple video layers.

About KineMaster Video Layer

This is an android application specially designed for video editing. This amazing video editing tool is only available for android smartphones and tablets. It supports multiple video layers and also full 4k, 60 FPS render option are also support by this application.

By using this application, you can easily change the background of video by using its amazing feature Chroma key mod which is also supported by this app. You can do all these changes without watermark mod for free without paying a single penny.

Information about KineMaster Video Layer Apk

Name KineMaster Video Layer
DeveloperKineMaster Corporation
Operating SystemAndroid 4.1+

This app contains another amazing feature which is known as blending mode which helps you to add different beautiful and amazing effect to your video and make it look gorgeous and unique. This feature makes this app unique from such apps available on the internet.

One of the best features of this app is Keyframing animation. Most people don’t know about this feature because it is recently added to this app only professional person has knowledge about this feature. This feature is used to add motion effects to your video and by using speed control you change the motion according to your requirement.

Review of KineMaster Video Layer Apk

This application is totally safe from malware, bugs and viruses. I have personally used this app on my cell phone it is working properly so don’t worry about your data just download this amazing app from our website and start editing your videos.

You can edit different video and also change its quality to 60 Fps and make them beautiful. You have the option to share these editing videos to different social networking site so people will enjoy your work and also like it. you can increase your follower by making a unique and beautiful video for free.

Screenshot of KineMaster Video Layer Apk

This app has two versions one is a free version and other is premium version. The free version contains limited feature and it is enough for an ordinary person to edit videos. Premium version has more features than the free version. To use the premium version, you have to pay a certain amount to the developer. If you are a professional person then I recommend you to use the premium version.

You may also have interested in similar application Square Video Editor Apk and KM Premiere Pro Apk for Android smartphones and tablets.

Key features of KineMaster Video Layer Apk

  • Available for all android devices.
  • Change your video quality to 60 fps.
  • Amazing and different animations.
  • Support 4K and 60 fps.
  • Blending mod to add beautiful effects.
  • Support multiple video layers.
  • Keyframing animation.
  • Speed control of motion effect.
  • Without watermark.
  • Support reverse video.
  • EQ Added.
  • Support voice changer.
  • Pre-activated subscription
  • Support freedom store.
  • And many more features.


KineMaster Video Layer Apk is an android app to edit video using different amazing features like Chroma key, blending mode and many more.

If you want to edit a video before uploading it to the social networking site, then download this amazing app from our website and enjoy make amazing and beautiful videos for free. Share your experience with your family and friends.

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