ITsMe Injector CODM Apk For Android [2023 COD Hacks]

Friendly says all online video game players love to play games with unlimited game features and resources. If you want to unlock all game resources in the Call of Duty Mobile game then download and install the latest version of the new hacking tool “ITsMe Injector” on your smartphone and tablet for free.

As you know the Call of Duty game is also a famous and most-played action game on the internet. Initially, this game is only available for gaming consoles and desktops but now this game is also available for smartphone users.

Like other online video games, COD has also so many premium or paid game features and resources that players can unlock by paying real money. So, COD players need an alternate option to unlock these premium game resources and features for free.

ITsMe Injector App

If you have read the above paragraph then you may know about this new hacking tool or app developed and released by itsmerjc for Android and iOS users who want to modify COD games to get the upper hand while playing a game against other players in battle.

Apart from the upper hand players will also get a chance to unlock premium game skins and characters which are recently added by the game developer. Like other games, these skins and characters play an important role while playing the game.

As you know that every game’s skin and characters have their powers and abilities which help players while playing the game. In this new app, COD players will get a chance to unlock all newly added skin and characters.

We have mentioned the name of a few skins and characters in this article that COD players will get in this new app. As you know the COD game also has multiple game versions which we have also discussed in this game.

Players can easily use this new hacking tool or app on all versions of COD games. If you want to modify the COD game to play smoothly against pro players then try this new app code injector on your device. Players may also try these below-mentioned other apps for hacking apps and games like,dFast Apk & X8 Speeder Apk.


One thing that keeps in your mind while using ITsMe Injector App on your game account is that it is not legal and safe to download and use. Because it breaches security and other features of the original game by injecting different explicit codes.

So don’t try this app on your original account. Use it only for fun and education. If you lost any data or thing by using this app then we are not responsible we only share it for enjoyment.

What hacks and scripts COD players will get in the new version of the ITsMe Injector CODM App?

Like other hacking tools and apps in this new tool, the CODM Injector Skin developer has divided all hacks and scripts into the below-mentioned categories,

Account Safety

This tab is for account safety players need to activate these below-mentioned hacks while using this new app to protect their account from game security. Players will get hacks like,

  • Bypass Lobby
  • Anti-report
  • Bypass Timex Logo
Character Vision And Ability

This tab will help players to improve characters’ abilities and skills by using the below-mentioned hack sand scripts,

  • Wall Hack
  • HP & Name Tag
  • High jump
AimBot Menu

As the name indicate this tab is for Aimbot where players will get the below-mentioned hacks,

  • Fire
  • Lock
Gun Menu

In the Gun menu players will get below mentioned special hacks and scripts like,

  • No Coil
  • No Reload
  • Gun Track
  • Scope
Character Skins

This tab is for skins where players get a chance to unlock all the below-mentioned skins for different COD characters like,

  • Dame
  • Phantom
  • Mace
  • Fox Fire
  • Ghost Retribution
  • Scylla
  • Artery Skeleton
  • Dark Gunman
  • Rambo

Screenshots of App

Which call duty version is working with CODM Itsme Injector App?

COD players will easily use this new hacking tool or app on all COD duty versions but according to app officials this new app works smoothly on the below-mentioned versions,

  • Main
  • Garena
  • Global

If you want to hack any one of the above-mentioned version COD games then you must try this new app on your device from any third-party website.

How to download and inject the latest hacks and scripts to a COD Duty Mobile game account using ITsMe Injector Download?

After knowing all the above-mentioned hacks and scripts if you have decided to download and install this new hacking tool or app CODM Injector Apk on your device to modify the COD game then you must download it from any third-party website.

Call of Duty players who are not getting the link to this new app should try our website and download this new app from our website using the direct download link given at the end of the article and install this new app on your device.

While installing the app allow all permissions and also enable unknown sources from security settings. After installing the app open it and you need to enter account details if you have already created an account on this app.

If you are new then signup to create an account. Once you successfully created an account now log in to this app using account details. After login to your account now you will see the main dashboard of the app with below mentioned built-in hacks list,

  • Account SafetyCharacters Vision and Ability
  • Character Skin
  • Gun Menu
  • AimBot Menu

Choose your desired option from the list and you will get tons of different hacks and scripts from chosen category which you can easily inject into your account by a tap on it.

How to access premium features in the Call of Duty game using the latest version of itsme injector Apk?

To access all key features of the Call of Duty mobile version for free you need to install an automatic third-party integration app with a built-in magic bullet, speed hack, X-Ray Vision, quick reload, multiple kills, and many more features.

Where players will get Apk files itsme injector with endless modifying options to make changes in both premium and basic features of COD popular games.

COD players will easily get app files or Apk files of this new third-party app on our website offlinemodapk and on any other third-party website for free.

Which new features android users will get in the latest version of Call of duty mobile mod version for free?

In this version players get a chance to access premium features mentioned below like,

  • Dark Mode
  • Bypass Logo
  • Login Credentials
  • Players menu
  • Static Crosshair
  • Additional Support
  • Fast Scope
  • Third-party ads

ITsMe Injector Android is the new and latest hacking tool or app for Call of Duty Games with built-in hacks which allow players to modify the game. If you want to modify the original Call of duty game then try this new app and also share it with your family and friends. Subscribe to our page for more apps and games.

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