How to Open Apk Files on Windows?

As you know that many players still love to play games and use apps on the big screen so they want to install all android and iOS on their PCs and Laptops. If you are using both smartphones and desktops then you may know that most android apps and games don’t have smartphone versions.

Friendly saying in this digital ear everything is possible now. Now people can easily use PC software’s on their smartphones and tablets with different third-party tools and techniques. Like PC software now users can also able to use android apps and games on PCs with simple software and tools.

If you want to use android apps or want to play the game on the big screen then you are on the right page. In this article, we will provide you step by step information and procedure that help you install all android and iOS games and apps on your smartphone and tablet for free.

To use android apps and games on desktop users don’t need a computer background or special experience. Everyone who knows the basic information about smartphones and desktops can easily install android apps and games on desktops for free.

What is Apk File?

It is an android file package that helps android users to install all apps and games from the google play store and other official apps stores for free. If anyone downloads apps and games from official stories then he or she no need an Apk file to install the app because it will automatically install on your device.

Apart from official websites some apps and games are also available on third-party websites on the internet. These third-party apps and websites are not directly installed on your device. To download these apps and game users need to first download Apk file of app or game which is available in different formats like,

  • Zip
  • Rar
  • XApk
  • Apk

How to install Apk files on Pcs and Desktops?

If you search for the internet to open Apk files on Pcs and desktops you will get tons of techniques and software which help you to install all android and iOS apps and games. In this article, we will try to provide the simplest ways which help them to open Apk files for free.

One of the most used and easiest ways to open an Apk file is the use of emulator apps which are now day easily available on the internet. If you are unable to decide which emulator app you will choose for Apk files then don’t worry just try these below-mentioned apps which we have discusses below like,


This is one of the best and most used emulator apps for PCs. After installing this software on your desktop or PC you will get a chance to install all android apps and games virtual through this software for free.

To use this emulator app first you have to download and install it on your PC from any official website or third-party website like other PC software. While installing this software you need to allow permissions and also accept the agreement.

After providing all checks and other permissions now wait for a few seconds to download all other necessary files on your device. Once all downloads are completed it will finish atomically and start launching on your screen.

It takes almost 3 to 5 minutes o complete all installation processes. After launching the software now, you will see the main page where you will see google play store where you have the option to log in using Gmail id. You may also have the option to skip it and use software with the guest account.

Now you can easily access all android apps and games through this app where you will see the main interface google play store. You can easily search any app or game using the search tab. If you find an app or game then you can easily install it on your PC like android apps games.

Apart from the Blue stack emulator users will also use the below-mentioned emulator software on their device if they are not satisfied with the blue stack emulator app.

Alternate Emulator Apps

  • Android NOX emulator
  • Emulateur Android MeMu Play
  • Studio Android
  • Remix player
  • Droid4x
  • FRIEND Duets
  • Genymotion

One thing that keeps in your mind is that these above-mentioned emulator apps are only for windows 10. If anyone uses this software low window version then they will face issues and errors. So, for a smooth experience try this software with window 10 and more.


To install Apk files on PCs and Desktops users need to download and install emulator software on PCs which they can easily get from the internet. These emulator apps allow users to run the virtual android system on android devices. If you want to make a virtual android system on a PC then try any one of the above-mentioned emulator software by following the above-mentioned steps on your device.

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