How to buy Season14 Royale Pass For PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile is getting famous day by day now people have started this amazing game on PCs and gaming consoles too. It is continuously breaking all its previous records by adding new things in every new update. Now PUBG Mobile Season 14 Royale Pass is available for PUBG Players. But they don’t know How to buy Season 14 Royale Pass for free.

If you want to know about this royale pass and want to get it for free then read this whole article I will give you whole information about this royale pass season 14 and also tell you to step by step procedure to get this royale pass for free without spending a single penny.

If you have previously used any royale pass in PUBG Mobile, then you definitely know how important this royale pass is for PUBG Players. Because it provides you with a platform to get tons of premium features for free. Every new royale pass developer will add many new features it which are not available in the previous version.

What is Royale Pass in PUBG Mobile?

Basically, a royale pass is a pass released by Tencent the original game developer to players of PUBG Mobile to get premium features and other important things for free or at low prices as compared to the original price.

One of the problems with these royale passes is they are time-limited and end in a few days. So you have to grab this opportunity in a limited time. But people don’t know when these royale passes are released so they mostly miss these chances.

 PUBG Mobile has recently released another royale pass for PUBG players who want to avail of this chance to get free premium features. To get this PUBG Mobile Season 14 Royale Pass you need to follow some procedures mentioned below.

About PUBG Mobile Season 14 Royale Pass

Basically, this is a seasonal event organized or offered by a game developer for its players to complete different missions and win different prizes. PUBG Mobile has previously released so many Seasons. Now it has released its latest season 14 for PUBG players.

This is a seasonal event so ends in a few days mostly it remains for one month. After the end of this event players who participate in this royale, a pass will get additional free gifts according to their rating. However, you have to pay some money for the elite pass.

How many types of Royale passes are there in PUBG Mobile?

Basically, PUBG Mobile developer offered two types of royale pass for its players one is free and the other is elite. in this, both pass you get different daily missions which you have complete in a limited time. After completing those missions, you get free gifts.

After completing the different missions, you get royale points which are used to buy different paid features. All the missions you get on a daily basis are simple and easy. People can easily complete these missions without any problem.

However, those players who are using elite pass get challenging missions which are a little bit more difficult than free pass. When you complete these missions you get more royale points than free passes. Simply reward is very high for an elite pass.

What is the cost to get an elite and elite plus royale pass?

As mentioned above you have two royale passes in PUBG Mobile one is free and the other paid. To get paid an elite pass you need a royale point of 600 UC which required RS 700 Indian rupees.

For an elite plus royale pass, you need 1800 UC royal points to buy royale points of 1800 UC you need to pay RS 1800 Indian rupees. These prices are much lower than the original prices.

How to buy the Season 14 Royale Pass?

To buy a season 14 royale pass you need to follow the following steps on your original game account. As you know that elite passes are paid so you need to purchase them from the game store.

  • Open PUBG Mobile on your Android smartphone and tablet.
  • After opening the game, you have to tap on the RP section located in the right upper corner o your mobile phone.
  • Tap on the upgrade button at the bottom of the corner.
  • After that, you see the royale pass options free, elite, and elite plus.
  • Select your desired pass by a tap on it.
  • Now you will see the buy button on your screen.
  • Tap on the buy button to buy the elite pass by making payment online.
  • You have many options to pay the amount.
  • After successfully buying UC you can now easily buy elite passes using these UC points from your game account.
  • Always buy UC from the original game store. Buying UC from an unofficial store is illegal and unsafe you maybe get punished for these transitions.
  • Repeat the same process for more UC points.

In this article, we have tried to give you all possible options to buy a Season 14 Royale Pass from your game account.

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