Googlefier Apk Latest 2022 For Android

If you are using Huawei, Honor, or any other Chinese brand smartphone or tablet then you may lac GMS service in your smartphone and tablet. USA government has banned GMS services in all Chinese brands. If you want to use all GMS services on your Chinese mobile, then you need to download and install the latest version of “Googlefier Apk” for android smartphones and tablets.

To overcome his major issue Huawei company has also developed its own mobile service which HSM Huawei Mobile Service nut this service doesn’t have all apps which you will find on Google’s Mobile Services so people face many problems while using these devices.

Before this app use these Google’s Mobile Services GSM Huawei, honor and other Chinese mobile brand users need to make different software and some changes in their smartphone and tablet. To make this software and changing their need professional or experts whelp who charge money from them.

What is Googlefier App?

But now you can easily use Google’s Mobile Services GMS in any Chinese brand without any software. Just downloading this latest app which we are sharing here and complete a 5-minute procedure to make a backup of all your installed apps.

Basically, this is a tool which helps Huawei or any other Chinese brand mobile phone or smartphone who want to run Google’s Mobile Services GMS in their smartphone or tablet which is banned in the USA by government official due to conflict between China and the USA.

Google’s Mobile Services is important in any smartphone and tablet because without these services you will not able to use Google services and apps on your smartphone like, Gmail, Chrome, Search and even Gboard need these files.

Every smartphone company needs a GMS license to use its service on their smartphone and tablet. Basically, GMS consists of two main parts which included a popular bundle and also additional bundle. If you get a license from GMS, your device will automatically get a popular bundle package that is preinstalled on your smartphone and tablet.

Information about App

Size154.1 MB
Package Nameb007.hgi3
Android RequiredHoneycomb (3.1)

These preinstalled apps like, Gmail, Google Chrome, Hangout, and many more which you will notice while using your smartphone and tablet. If your device doesn’t have a license with GMS you don’t get any Bundle package on your smartphone and you need to flash your device through the bootloader to installed these Google Apps.

As mentioned above USA government has finished Huawei and other Chinese branded GMS licenses in their country and now people who are using Huawei and other Chinese brands are facing issues while using popular and additional google bundle apps.

To solve this problem a developer has developed a new app which is famous on the internet nowadays and Huawei, honor, and other Chinese brand mobile phone users are downloading and installing this app to use all GMS bundle on their smartphone and tablet.

You may also these similar apps for Huawei smartphones too.

Which most popular GMS app you will get on your Huawei device after using Googlefier Apk?

After using this app on Huawei and other Chinese devices you get bellowed mentioned GMS apps on your smartphone and tablet.

Popular bundled GMS application package includes:

  • Google Search, Google Chrome, Youtube and Google Play Store.

Other GMS bundle application package includes:

  • Google Drive, Gmail, Google Duo, Google Maps, Google Photos and Google Play Music.

Screenshots of App

How to download and install GMS on Huawei and other Chinese device using Googlefier Download?

If you want to GMS service of google on Huawei devices in the USA, then you need to download and install a later version of this app on your smartphone and tablet.

After installing the app allow all permissions and also enable unknown sources from security settings. After installing the app open it. This app is only useful for Huawei devices running android 10+, EMUI 10.X in version less than 10.10,150.

However, there are cases where it works even on the most recent versions because it was at one time installed on the device on the older version but this app will shut down when you open it.

After installing the app, you need to follow all steps which usually required permissions. While using this you don’t need a compute or USB for backup. It has bundled in one package. This app is free to use and download. If you like this app then you can donate money to the developer to appreciate his work and also for further developments.


Googlefier For Android is all in one package for those Huawei and honor users who want to use GMS google service in their smartphone which is banned by the USA government in their country.

If you want to use GMS service, then download this app and also share this app with your family and friends. Subscribe to our page for more apps and games.

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