Glory of Generals 3 Mod Apk v1.0.0 Free Download For Android

If you want to play one of the famous world war games on your smartphone and tablet, then you need to download and play the latest version of “Glory of Generals 3 Apk” for android smartphones and tablets.

This game is specially designed for world war two and you will all general and countries which have participated in world war 2. This game has included all battles of world war too from 1939 to1945.

You have to start playing the game from the first war started in 1939 and then you need to complete different tasks to unlocked all locked war campaigns and also other levels.  In this game, you will get all countries which have participated in world war.

While playing the game you have to choose any country and also choose your general from more than a hundred generals like Barton, Zhukov, MacArthur, Guderian, Montgomery, Eisenhower, and many more.

At the start of the game, you have only one country and few generals are unlocked. You have to start your game from that country and select generals from those who are unlocked and after completing a certain level new countries and general are unlocked.

What is Glory of Generals 3 Game?

As mentioned above it is war and action based in which you have to fight against different countries and defeat them and grab their land by controlling them.

Glory of Generals 3 Apk

Most players have played this game’s previous version Glory of Generals which has limited features and low graphics. But now game developers have developed its new version which has many extra features like, new forces, new generals, new countries, artillery, tanks and many more things which you will know after downloading this game on your smartphone and tablet.

Information about Game

NameGlory of Generals 3 Mod
Android Required5.0+

One of the problems with this game is that it paid game and you need to pay 10$ to download it from the google play store. Apart from initial money you also need to pay money to unlock different locked features like game modes, forces, weapons, and many more things.

If you want to play this game on your smartphone and tablet without spending a single penny, then you are lucky and visited the right spot at right time. Because in this article we will provide you a free download link of this game at the end of the article.

Different game modes in Glory of Generals 3 Game

In this game, you have many different modes which we have mentioned in this article. While playing any game you have to select any one of the below-mentioned modes.


  • 1939 Western Front, 1941 Eastern Fr0nt,1942 Pacific War, 1941 North African, 1944 Western Front, 1945 Pacific War.

Army Group

  • Belgian, German, French, Italian, Yugoslav, Slovak, Hungarian, Romanian, Bulgarian.

United Front

  • Poland campaign, operation Marita, Greco-Italian War, Fali Gelb, German French War.

What type of Artillery and Infantry you get in this game?

You have to choose your force while starting this game. every force has its own engineer and also especially artillery which they use while fighting against their enemies. You need to choose the strong force to beat your enemy.

If you are new and not enough information about weapons and also about tanks and other equipment used in this game, then you may go through this whole article. You will get brief information about all weapons and other equipment.

Infantry Assault (Assault Troop, Anti- Tank Troops, Mortar Troops)
  • Cossack Cavalry, 442nd Regiment, SAS, Suwalska Cavalry, Wiking, Samural, White Death, NKVD, Irish Guard, Grenadier, Akita, Patriot, L-39 Anti- Tank, Ranger, Volunteer Corps, guerrilla, Frontier Force, Glory, 52nd Torino.
Infantry Tactics (Airborne Troops, Engineering Troops, Anti-Aircraft Troops)
  • 82nd Airborne, Parachute Jaeger, Parachute Regiment, Foreign Legion, ARR Airborne, 185th Folgore, Scotland Engineer, Royal Engineer, Pioneer, Rising Sun, Taurus Corps, Gebirgsjager, 85mm M1939, 90mm M1A1, QF 94mm, 88mm Flak, da 90/53.
Artillery (Normal Artillery and Heavy Artillery)
  • SU-76M, M7-Pries, Sexton, Sturmtiger, 75/18 M40, Katyusha, M12-GMC, Karl, Elefant, Maresal.
Armor (Armored Car, Tank, Heavy Tank)
  • Guard Armored, Spearhead, Scorpion, Dragoon Crops, Prince Eugen, Yoshida, KV-2, ARL-44, Panther, Chi-Rj, 44M TAS, KV-6, T28, Maus
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List of General and medal in Glory of Generals 3 Game

You may hundreds of different general who have participated in different world wars in this game. Some of the generals are unlocked and to unlock all general you need to complete tasks or buy them from the game store.

To improve the skills of generals and also your force you need to train them and also provide them different medals when they reach a certain level. We have mentioned some generals and medals below for new players which they get in this game.

Generals Info

  • Leclerc (Mountain Fighting and Panzer Leader)
  • Messe (Camouflage, Armored Assault, Desert Fighting)
  • Bock (Leadership, Plain Fighting)
  • Cunninggham (Naval Gun Strike, Organization)

Name of Generals

  • Mansrein, eisnhower, Zhukov, guderian, rommel, patton, macarthur, Montgomery, Rundstedt, de gaulle, Donitz, leeb, yamashita, govorov, Kesselring, rokossovsky, yamamoto, Nimitz, vasilevsky, Mannerheim, dowding, nagumo and mountbatten.


  • Victory, hero, honor, national, cross, empire, combat, air force, navy, infantry, artillery, armor and many more.

Screenshots of Game

Key Features

  • The glory of Generals 3 Mod Apk is a 100% safe and secure game.
  • HD graphics and new features like forces, weapons, countries, and many more.
  • Compatible with Android devices having android versions of more than 5.0+.
  • Free to download from our website and paid on google play store.
  • Game-based on world war battle.
  • All heroes of world war 2 are available in this game.
  • Best game to recall history for students.
  • Most detailed battle game on the internet after Glory of Generals.
  • Great artwork by the developer which increases the interest of players.
  • Different modes for players according to their skills.
  • Video tutorial is also available for new players.
  • Simple and clean interface.
  • Unique and absolutely fantastic game for players.
  • Ads free application with amazing sound effects.
  • In purchase item. To buy any paid item you need to pay RS 320.00 – RS 1,600.00 per item.
  • And many more.

How to download and play Glory of Generals 3 Apk for Free?

If you want to play the Glory of Generals 3 Mod Apk game for free then you need to download and install it from third party websites. You can also download it from our website using the direct download link given at the bottom of the article.

While installing games allow all permissions and also enable unknown sources from security settings. After installing the app open it and you need to wait for a few seconds to complete the process.

Once the process completed now you will see game modes on your screen and also a tutorial video. If you want to watch a tutorial video before starting this game, then click on it.

If you have already played its previous version, then simply click on game mode which you want to play. After selecting game mode now select generals and other equipment. Initially, you have a few options all other options are locked. To unlock these all options, you need to pay money or complete different tasks in-game.


The glory of Generals 3 For Android is the latest war game based on world war 2. If you want to play this game, then download it and also share it with your family and friends. Subscribe to our page for more apps and games.

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