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If you love playing video games, then you are welcome on our website. Because today we will tell you about an application. By using this app, you can get unlimited game energy, coin, and life.

When you play the game after a few minutes your energy will be empty and you have to wait for an hour to get energy full. Due to this problem, most people get frustrated and stop playing games. For those people, CIH TW has developed an application known as GameCIH Apk.

By using this app, they can get unlimited energy, coin, and lives. If you like game modification and hacking, then this is the best tool for you. This app helps you to modify the game scores, speed values, coins, lives, and other values in offline games.

GameCIH Apk

This application needs rooted access on your cell phone and tablet. Before it can be used to any game installed on your device. First, you have to know that your device is rooted or not. If your device is not rooted then root it by installing any rooted application like Androot, srsroot, or any other app.

GameCIH Apk and other similar apps work only on the offline game. If you try to get modify live scores of the online game, it will not able to do so. Because online games save their rating and game data on their server that is impossible to change it.

Name GameCIH Apk
Size569 KB
Developed ByCIH TW

There is no single app available on google play store or in a third-party app that changes online game rating and live scores. For offline games, there are several apps available on google play store and in a third-party app. By using these applications easily modify game rating and live scores.

This application is safe from bugs, malware, and don’t worry about viruses just download download this app click on the given link below on our website. Because this is a third-party app so not available on google play store.

Important Note

Please note that don’t use this application for paid games because it is unethical and illegal. If you try this app for paid might be a chance you get plenty. Only try for offline games where copyright claim is not available.

One more thing keep in your mind that this application makes abnormal activities on your android device so be careful. This abnormal activity due to rooted access to your smartphone. So make a backup of your important data if any abnormal activity happens your data will be safe.

If your device is already rooted, then try this app on the game. If it not works, then root your smartphone again with any rooted application available on google play store. Mostly it works on rooted devices easily without any problem.

App Information

  1. Name of the application GameCIH.
  2. A version of the application is V3.0.3.
  3. Apk file size 569 KB.
  4. Developed by CIH TW.
  5. The operating system required is Android 2.2 and up devices.
  6. The price is free of cost.

Features of GameCIH Apk

  • Use to modify offline games.
  • Get unlimited energy while playing offline games.
  • Change game rating and live score according to your requirement.
  • Add unlimited coin in your favorite offline game.
  • Safe from bugs, malware, and viruses.
  • Free of cost.
  • Contain no adds.
  • Easily use anywhere in the world.
  • Use only on rooted Android devices.

Before using this app, you should know about offline and online games. Because this application works only on offline games and it is illegal to use this app on online games.

The online game requires an internet connection to play. All data on online games store on their server. While the offline game doesn’t need an internet connection to play and all data of offline games store on your device.

How to download and use GameCIH Apk?

To download and use this application first you should have to root your smartphone and then follow the following steps.

  1. First, download GameCIH full version from the given link below on our website.
  2. Go to setting and enable unknown sources from security settings.
  3. After enabling an unknown source now locate download Apk file and install it on your device.
  4. Wait for few seconds and launch the install app on your device.
  5. Now go to the game application and open GameCIH.
  6. Click on the scan button and go back to the game application.
  7. Choose the elements which you want to modify.
  8. Modify values to 999999 or any figure.
  9. Repeat the same process for other games.


GameCIH Apk simple, safe, and the trustful third-party application. By using this app you can easily modify the game scores, speed values, coins, lives, and other values in offline games.

Don’t waste your time on the useless application just download this app from our website given link below and enjoy game scores, speed values, coins, lives, and other values in offline games. Also, share your experience with your family and friend.

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