Game Killer Apk v4.10 Free Download For Android

Are you crazy about playing games on your Android device? Are you the one who is game addicted? Then, we brought an amazing app for you that is” Game Killer APK”. This app lets you hack your favorite games at a single platform for full of fun.

What is Game Killer?

Game Killer is such a powerful yet easy to use app whereby you don’t need to install and keep every particular gaming app on your android device as it allows you to play most of the famous Android games such as Subway Surfer, asphalt 8, Candy Crush, Teen Patti and much more. 

Game Killer Apk enables you to crack your scores of different games as you know getting the high score is not easy unless you gain proficiency at playing games. You also get able to change and modify the coins or money, gems, and time duration of the games. You can amuse the games on your own terms with no restrictions.

Information about Game Kill Apk

NameGame Killer
Size1.4 MB
Package Namecn.lm.sq
Operating SystemAndroid 4.2+

The older version of this app is also available on play store but with very limited gaming apps or features that may not work for you.

Now let’s unfold the features of the Game Killer App in order to make you more vigilant about the use of this multi-gaming solution:

Features of Game Killer App

It can be annoying if you have to wait for gems or money to increase. Game Killer is such a hacking tool for the game lovers where you do not need to wait for something to happen during the game. You can modify lots of features as per your convenience and your gaming speed which in turn makes you more addicted to games.


Game Killer App comes with the compatibility of various latest Android versions such as Lollipop, Marshmallow, etc. so as no player can find difficulty or deprived of the use of this popular Game Killer Android App.

From the beginning, various versions of the Game Killer App are launched time to time with amazing and exciting updated features to provide amusing experience to the game lovers. The latest version of the Game Killer Apk is designed to support almost all the android devices. Very rare you may get an unsupportable error.

Filled with Most Popular Games

This gaming app is being updated continuously with amazing popular games in order to serve the best gaming experience to the players or game hackers. You can search and play your favorite game here with a hassle-free experience.

Now, there is no need to install a number of gaming apps on your Android device. This Game Killer App provides a single platform to play and enjoy multiple gaming apps. This app does not merely save your efforts even save your storage space as well.

Here is the list of most popular games what you can play on this gaming platform:

  • Subway Surfer
  • Candy Crush
  • Candy Crush Soda
  • Kingdom Rush Frontiers
  • Despicable Me
  • Teen Patti
  • Clash Of Clans
  • Zombie Tsunami
  • Temple Run
  • Hungry Shark
  • Hill Climb Racing
  • Plants VS. Zombie

Above was the list of few popular games, there are so many games available on the Game Killer App that seriously make you addicted to this game hacking app.

Available At No Cost

Game Killer App doesn’t charge you as its Apk file is available at free of charge to install, download, and to play any game. It will be optional to pay for buying the coins or life to continue when you are losing the game, especially in online mode games. Instead of paying to buy life, coin, or gems, you can also wait as per the game norms, for instance, candy crush soda asks you to wait for 10 to 30 minutes.

Hack Any Offline Game

Game Killer App is developed with the purpose to play multiple games using a single app interface as well as hacking any game. It gives you the liberty to hack any offline game what you like and play in your own conditions. This hacking feature is designed for those players who do not mind cheating in their own game.

Now, you do not need to play the difficult levels over and over because through this app you can become a winner in every offline game what you play. Here is what you can hack in this game hacking application:

 Change Or Modify Money/Life

As the name suggests, this app enables you to modify the game score and help you out to change the earned money but this feature will work merely in offline games. You cannot modify the game score or money in online games where your game needs an internet connection. You will be able to change, access, and store the score or life count in the resident memory of the Game Killer App.

This is such a nice feature that Game Killer Android app allows you to change the numbers of money what you earned during the game even you can earn lots of money by using your smart mind. Earning money in a game can be full of troublesome and patience. Through other offline gaming apps waiting for the money just to increase gradually seriously takes a long time span.

Modify The Gems/Coins With Ease

Game Killer App also allows you to change the gems or coins in case of offline games. In certain games, you have to get the rewards just to earn gems what can be a difficult task. So, why to wait for a long time when the Game Killer App is available to provide you with free gems without playing the hard levels and even getting the rewards.

But remember you will not be able to publish your gems or coins to be visible for other online users as it is allowed in offline games only what you can play without using your internet data.

Change The Game Score

Using the Game Killer App, you can easily change the game score in its local memory as it doesn’t allow you to store your score on the server. You can even win and increase the score of most of the games available on this hacking app and can win without actually playing hard. So, start making your good score and have more fun with this Hacking App.

Free Downloadable

One can download this app at no cost and this is such great news for the game lovers as they do not need to pay single money just to use or play games through this app. Game Killer App believes in providing a good and newer experience to its users. Hence, this app keeps updating its versions and adds new games regularly in order to provide you a better gaming experience every time. This app tries to keep up the users with the newbie developing trends of the gaming.

In the case of online games, if you get unable to crack any hard level of the game over and over then, it’s your wish that you can buy coins, life or gems just to continue the game further without waiting for a single minute.

Details of Game Killer Apk

Well, the latest version of Game Killer App is not available on play store and this can disappoint you but don’t worry we are here to provide you valid downloading link whereby you can download a trusted Game Killer Application with the latest version.

This killer app can be availed only in Apk file format. The survey says that over 15 million users have already downloaded this app across the world. So, if you are seeking Game Killer Apk download link then, you are at the right place to download the latest version so as to enjoy your favorite games with all the updated exciting features and functionalities.

It’s easy to download Game Killer Android app’s latest version. Here is a link provided to Game Killer Apk download:

After downloading this crazy game Apk, the time comes to install it on your Android device. So, let us know the installation process of the Game Killer App.

How To Install The Game Killer APK

All you need to click on the above-given link and follow the guided instructions. When your download completes, you need to install the Apk file of this gaming app for Android. But before you rush off to install the app, there are few prerequisites that need to be made in order to run your app successfully on your android device:

Turn On the Unknown Source

If you are going to install the Apk file first time in your android device then, you need to make some essential device setting. All you need to go through the “settings” of your Android device. Now, mark on “unknown sources”. Once you enable this option, you will be allowed to install the Game Killer App on your Android phone.

If you do not perform this setting then, certainly your Game Killer App gives an error of ‘installation blocked’ so, it would be better to fix it by turning on the “unknown sources” on your android device.

Your Android Phone Must Be Rooted

Game Killer Apk file will not run without permitting the root access on your Android device. Hence, during the installation process, you will be asked for root access. So, simply allow the root permissions and click on “Allow” button to continue the installation process. As soon as the installation process gets over, you will see an icon of the Game Killer App on the wall of your Android device.

Apart from root permissions, you will also be asked for more usual permissions like your device identity, device location based on GPS, device storage, and photos or media files, etc.

Read And Follow The Tutorial

The last step of the installation process suggests you read the tutorial of Game Killer App correctly as this tutorial is not optional. Usually, we skip the tutorials or the files that are suggested to read in the last step of any software or application installation. But, if you skip reading the tutorial of this hacking app, you may lose the winning mind or functionalities that you need to use while playing or hacking the game.

If you want to win the games, scores, gems or coins then, it is suggested to follow this tutorial. It helps you how to register on the app and play the games as well as to hack the score, gems, coins, or life without performing the hard levels in your favorite games.

How to Use Game Killer App?

After installing the app, the very first step is to open the app and then, search the game what you want to hack in order to modify or change the score, coins, or life. After entering the particular game in the form of value or number, you need to find the available coins. You may get lesser results in your first attempt so, you need to keep trying until you find the desired results.

Once you are able to find results, start changing the values such as coins, gems, life, and score, etc. and hit the ok button. Now, you have all done, you have opened the door to your game hacking journey. So, play your desired games at any level without actually clearing hard levels.

Alternatives Of Game Killer App

Honestly, there are lots of alternatives available to download, install, and use but still, we want to say that game Killer App is the app that works best what cannot be done by the alternatives of this app. So, if you don’t find the Game Killer App suitable for any reason then, you can check out these popular alternatives of Game Killer Apk.

Here, we will suggest you these top three Game Killer alternatives for android phones or devices that work smoothly and support almost all the android devices. So, let us know more about these top three Game Killer App alternatives:

SB Game Hacker

SB Game Hacker is such a best alternative for those who do not want to use the Game Killer App for some reason. This is a similar app that allows you to hack offline games easily to change or modify the coins, gems, life, or overall score of almost all the popular offline games.

It provides such an amazing user interface whereby you can play the game till the end without playing the hard levels. Usually, the gaming apps restrict you for a few minutes if you get fail in playing any hard level over and over.

Although, they again allow you after few minutes who want to wait for 10 to 30 minutes when existing levels are making us addicted. So, this is the functionality of SB Game Hacker app that allows you to play your favorite game with no more interruptions.

So, SB Hacker App comes in the #1 position as an alternative to the Game Killer App.


GameCIH is the another best alternative to Game Killer Android app that allows you to edit the memory of the game in order to change coins, gems, scores etc. using the game hacking app, you can also change the game speed for a customized experience.

GameCIH also requires a rooted device to run properly and stands on the #2 ranking. It works wonder for the single-player games. It allows you to change your gameplay experience by giving extra money or lives or by changing the game’s playing speed etc.

Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher has also followed by the footsteps of the Game Killer App as it requires root access during the installation process. It works well in modifying the apps permissions. Using this game hacking app you cannot merely modify the game’s memory as well as can change the app’s permissions.

So, I want to use one of the best alternatives of Game Killer Apk app then, Lucky Patcher is the powerful android tool to hack even the premium apps license verification and much more. So, you can give a try to Lucky Patcher gaming app if you are seeking the best alternative to Game Killer Android app. Lucky Patcher stands on #3 ranking as an alternative to Game Killer Android.


Thus, this was all about the Game Killer APK. You can download this app for free of cost from the given link which is safe, secure and genuine to hack coins, gems, scores to win the game in an easy manner by using the surprising features of memory modifying.

So, start your journey of playing games on the Game Killer App and reach to next level by using the modifying technique. Whether to enjoy all the gaming apps on a single platform or to hack the gaming memory in order to modify the coins, score, gems to be a winner of every game. Download it free from the link (place download link here) and amuse the unlimited gaming resources.

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