Game Booster VIP GFX Lag Fix Apk Free Download For Android

If you are looking to free download the famous booster app “Game Booster VIP GFX Lag Fix Apk” on your device then you are on the right page. Because we have shared the free Apk file of this app in this article.

Friendly saying getting free booster apps is not easy because these booster apps help users to make changes in their device settings and also help them to play games with improved graphics and FPS setting for free.

What is Game Booster VIP GFX Lag Fix App?

This is a new and latest ultra-boost app for an android device developed and released by TOLAN which help them to boost their device performance using the latest artificial intelligence technology and also provide the full performance configuration of their device on their screen for free.

Friendly saying in some developing countries people is still using old low ended device with low graphics and FPS due to which they are unable to play high graphics game sand apps. To help those users’ developers have released booster apps.

These booster apps not only help to improve the graphics of their device but also help them to free their device Ram by shutdown all useless apps automatically. Apart from making changes in device features it also helps users to play high ended games easily on their device.

Information about App

NameGame Booster VIP GFX Lag Fix
Size2.4 MB
Package Namecom.booster.gfxpro
Android Required4.1

To play the game you have to add the game to this app by a tap on add game option and you will see all lists of the game that are installed on your device. While searching for a game you will see two options like,

  • Games only
  • All Apps

If you choose game only option from the list you will see only games install on your device. However, if you choose the all apps option then you will see all apps and games installed on your device. You can easily multiple apps and games at the same time to this app which help you to boost performance.

Apart from this game booster app, you may also try these below mentioned other booster apps like,

What special features users will get in Game Booster VIP GFX Lag Fix Download?

In this new game, booster app developers have added a special GFX Tool which helps players to make changes in the below-mentioned features of their device while playing games like,


This tool players to make changes in device resolution from giving below resolutions like,

  • 960
  • 1280
  • 1440
  • 1600
  • 1920
  • 2560

Apart from device resolution players will also get a chance to make changes in FPS (frame per seconds) graphics of their device from below mentioned FPS like,

  • 30
  • 40
  • 90
  • 120
  • 144

As you know that graphics play important role in every device so you can easily change the graphics of your device to below mentioned different graphics like,

  • Low
  • Medium
  • HD
  • HDR
  • Ultra HD

After choosing all the above-mentioned features of your device according to your requirement through this app now you can apply them to your device by a tap on Apply option given at the end of the article.

What is the purpose of the ultra-boost option in Game Booster VIP GFX Lag Fix Android?

Apart from the GFX tool this app also has an ultra-boost option which boosts their device performance by making the below-mentioned changes on their devices like,

  • Automatically shut down all useless apps working in the background and make your RAM free.
  • Make IPv4 clone or fast virtual to improve your device performance.
  • Rescan and recalculated all game engine resources and make changes if required.
  • It also keeps eye on disc indexing.
  • Provide you with full detail of your RAM usage.

Screenshots of App

Key Features

  • Game Booster VIP GFX Lag Fix App is the latest safe and secure game booster app for android devices.
  • Provide users direct access to graphics and other main settings of their device.
  • It also helps users to know the exact usage of their device RAM.
  • Provide users platform to block all fake numbers and users.
  • It also alerts the user about battery usage and also helps to boost the battery timing of their device.
  • Built-in temperature calculate which help you know the exact temperature.
  • Built-in option to customize network and data transfer.
  • Simple and lite weight app which work on all android devices.
  • Work on all online and offline games.
  • Ads free application.
  • Free to download and use.

How to download and install Game Booster VIP GFX Lag Fix App for free on android devices?

If you download this app from the google play store then you need to pay RS100. Because it is paid app on the google play store. To download this new paid app for free you need to visit our website and download it for free from the direct download link given at the end of the article.

While installing an app from our website or any other third-party website you need to allow all permissions and also enable unknown sources from the security setting. After installing the app open it and you will see a control board where you will see below-mentioned options like,

  • Ultra-Boost
  • GFX tool
  • Add Game
  • Battery
  • Data Usage
  • Blocked

If you want to make changes in the graphics of your device then choose the GFX tool and you will get different settings that you can easily change according to your need.

People who want to boost their device performance automatically will choose an ultra-boost option from the list. It will automatically boost their device.

If you want to make changes in any game then tap on add game option and add that game to the control board and make changes according to your device requirements.

The battery option will show you battery details and also help you to boost your device battery timing. The blocked option shows you a list of callers and numbers which you have blocked.


Game Booster VIP GFX Lag Fix Android is the latest game booster app for android devices. If you want to boost your device performance then tries this new app and also share it with your family and friends. Subscribe to our page for more apps and games.

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