Top 2023 Free Fire Sensitivity App List with Links

Free Fire Sensitivity App is the new and latest Android tool that helps both Android and iOS users to make changes in both their devices and the Garena Free Fire game. Download and install the latest version of the new FF Sensitivity App on your device and enjoy playing the FF game with unlimited features.

Friendly saying FF game players who are using various hacking tools and apps to hack the Free Fire game may know about these sensitivity apps which are currently famous among FF players like regedit apps.

In these sensitivity apps, FF players get a chance to make changes to various game settings like Game resolution, Ping, Device Rams, and many more features which help players to play games smoothly without lag and buffering.

Apart from gaming setting sensitivity players will also get the below-mentioned other special features in these Free Fire sensitivity apps like,

  • Free Fire Headshot Sensitivity
  • Free Fire Max Headshot and GFX tool
  • Free Fire Sensitivity Gfx Tool

And many more features that players will know after using any Free Fire Sensitivity app on their smartphone and tablet

Top Free Fire Sensitivity Apps in 2023

As you know, there are tons of FF Sensitivity apps on the internet and most players get confused to choose the best Free Fire sensitivity app with anti-ban features.

In this article, we have tried to mention all the top and free FF sensitivity apps which help you to play Free Fire games smoothly like pro players.

Real Sensi FF Apk

As the name indicates, it is the new and latest Free Fire Sensitivity App with the below-mentioned hacks and GFX tools like,

Real Sensi Free Fire App

  • Automatic sensing
  • Generate Sensitivity V1/V2
  • General Red Dot
  • Mira 2X
  • Mira 4X
  • Look 8X
  • Backtrack 2X
  • General Suspension

Real Sensi FF Apk Download

  • Regedit Inject

Macro Rules

  • Inject Aimbot
  • Inject Aimlock

Sensitivity Injector

  • Inject High Sensitivity
  • Inject Low Sensitivity
  • Inject Mira Suspension

Extra injector

  • Regedit Macro

Real Sensi FF Apk Mod Booster

  • Booster General Cleaning


  • Ram Memory Cleaning
  • Cleaning internal memory


  • Improve Altitude MS
  • Improve MBs Speed
  • Improve MS Performance

Basic information

  • Battery level
  • Battery Temperature
  • Device
  • Ping MS

Sensi Start FF Apk

It is also another Free Fire Sensitivity GFX tool that allows both FF normal & FF Max gamers to make changes in the original game through the below-mentioned new settings,

Sensi Start FF App

Gamer settings

  • Optimize Gamer
  • Start Quick Play
  • Optimize Ping
  • Improve DPI

Crosshair configuration

  • General Reddot
  • Mira 2X
  • Mira 4X
  • Chest

Sensi Start FF Apk Download

Sensitivity settings

  • Emulator Sensitivity
  • Regedit Lock
  • Regedit Bot
  • Bug-Free Sensitivity

Device settings

  • DPI Changer
  • High DPI
  • DPI Normal

Macro Sensi Max

Macro Sensi Max FF App provides free Fire players with perfect sensitivity settings along with GFX Tool, Custom Hud, Best DPi, and many more which we have discussed below for you.

Macro Sensi Max Pro

Macro Sensi Max FF App provides free Fire players with perfect sensitivity settings along with GFX Tool, Custom Hud, Best DPi, and many more which we have discussed below for you.

Macro Sensi Max Apk


  • General
  • Red Dot
  • 2X Scope
  • 4X Scope
  • AWM Scope


  • Explore

Macro Sensi Max Headshot


  • Brand Name
  • Model
  • Processor


  • Android Version
  • API Level
  • SPN

Custom Hud

  • Two Finger
  • Three Finger
  • Four Finger

Macro Sensi Max Pro Gfx FF

  • Graphics
  • GPU Optimization
  • Anti Aliasing
  • FPS
  • Rendering Quality
  • Resolution
  • Color Format
  • Moving Shadows
  • Texture Quality
  • Shadow Distance

Macro Sensi Max Daimod Ff

This tab will help Free Fire players to get unlimited FF diamonds for free.

One thing to keep in your mind while choosing these apps is that this Free Fire sensitivity app list is based on a Free Fire game player’s review so don’t take it seriously. You may also try other sensitivity apps like Sensi FF, Turbo Sensi, Sensi Pro Booster, and many more apps which are also available on both official and third app stores.


Free Fire Sensitivity App is a simple Android tool that allows both FF normal and Max game players to make changes to the original game according to their requirements. If you want to customize the FF game then try any one of above mentioned FF Sensitivity Apps on your device and also share it with other FF players too.

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