Fox Crack Free Fire Apk v488.8 Free Download For Android

As you know the game guardian is one of the famous alteration tools for famous online games like FF, MLBB, Fortnite etc. Today we are back with a new version GG app “Fox Crack Free Fire” for android smartphones and tablets.

This app is also famous with GG fox Pro which helps Free Fire players to alter battle emotes of FF games and unlock all premium and newly released emotes in games for free.

If you have used any version of the game guardian app then you may that it is not easy to use for a newbie. Because it needs special steps to injects hacks which are injected through special .lua file which you can easily get from internet for free.

What is Fox Crack Free Fire Apk?

 As mentioned above it is the new and latest version of the famous game cheat tool GG specially designed for Free Fire game by the third-party developer which helps them to inject hacks and cheats for battle emotes and recalls for free.

Like other Gameguardain apps, this app also needs a .lua file and also virtual space app to inject hacks and scripts into your game. You can easily get both .lua file and virtual space apps from the GG website for free.

According to the app developer, all virtual space and parallel space apps are working for this app but fox crack virtual is specially designed for this app which will work smoothly than other virtual spaces on the internet.

You can easily get the Apk file of this designated virtual space or parallel space from the official Gameguardain website for free. So, visit the GG website and download this new virtual space on your smartphone and tablet for free.

We have also provided you direct download link of this app, virtual space and .lua file with special hacks and scripts in this article too for our viewers. You can easily download all these files from our website by completing below mentioned steps on your device.

Information about App

Name Fox Crack Free Fire
Size13.87 MB
DeveloperGG Fox
Android Required5.0+

Apart from this new GG mod App you may also try below mentioned GG Apps to make alterations in different online and offline games like,

What is GameGuardian App?

This is one of the best and most used alterations and game cheat tools or online and offline games on the internet. It allows users to make changes in any game and unlock all premium resources in the game for free.

By using this app players can easily modify game resources like Money, HP, SP, Skins, Characters, objects, and many more features in the game by injecting .lua files for free. This app is mostly used to get more lives in-game.

It also helps users to make changes in different values in online and offline video games with higher values. Apart from this, you can also speed up the game as a strategy game where you need to build houses, harvest corps and many more.

Is Fox Crack Free Fire App being safe to use and download?

Like other hacking tools and apps fox crack apk also make alteration in different online and offline games which is not legal and safe. So, this app is not safe and legal to use and download.

Due to which app developer recommend players to run this app in virtual space app to hide their identity. If you are caught using such an app your account will be blocked and also your device will be blacklisted by entering your device IMEI on the blacklist.

After knowing all about risks still, some players love to use GG apps because of their amazing features and hacks which help them to modify the original game. If you also want to use this new hacking tool or app then try it with a virtual space app.

Screenshots of Fix Crack Emotes Free Fire App

How to download and inject .lua to FF game account using 🦊 Fox crack 🦊 Free Fire Apk?

If you are looking for a direct download link new GG mod app fox cracked apk free fire then download it from the direct download link given at the end of the article. While downloading app allow all permissions and also enable unknown source from security setting.

After installing the app successfully now open it by a tap on the app icon and you will see the main page of the app with the below-mentioned options like,

 Work Mode
  • Root
  • No Root
  • Exit GG Fox

After selecting working mode now, you need to download and install the virtual space app and .lua file for this new app. You can easily get the download link of Virtual Space Fox Crack Virtual from the GameGuardian website for free.

After downloading and install the virtual space app and .lua file. Now add both GG cheat Fox pro App and FF Game to this Virtual Space. After adding both FF Game and GG Fox in the virtual space app. Now run both in Fox crack virtual space app.

Once you clone both app and game now click on the start option and now add the .lua file to the app and then click on the start option to play Free Fire. All hacks and scripts will be added to your game account. You can get hacks like,

  • Ghost Mode
  • Stone Mode
  • Antenna Head
  • Antenna Hand
  • Aim lock pro
  • Sensitivity
  • Prime Script

Apart from these above-mentioned hacks and scripts, you will also get tons of other hacks and scripts with different a .lua files which you can easily download from the internet and GG website for free.


Fox Crack Free Fire Android is the latest alteration tool for the Free Fire game. If you want to modify the FF game then try this new app and also share it with your family and friends. Subscribe to our page for more apps and games.

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