Final Fantasy Battle Royale Apk For Android [2022 FFVII The First Soldier]

If you are waiting for the release of the new MOBA game then your wait is over because Ateam Inc. has finally released their battle royale multiple player game “Final Fantasy Battle Royale” on android and iOS users from all around the world.

The beta version of this game is released in June for only a limited number of players from a few countries who have registered themselves for pre-access. The main reason behind the beta or test version is to overcome errors and issues that players face while playing the game.

Now they have officially released the full version of the game for players from all around the world who are waiting for this new MOBA game anxiously. If you are one of those players then you must download and install this new battle royale game from the google play store for free.

What is Final Fantasy Battle Royale Game?

As mentioned in the above paragraph it is the new and latest MOBA game developed and released by SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd. for android and iOS users from all around the world who want to fight other players from around the world in a new action-based RPG game for free.

In this new game, players have to fight against other 75 players from all around the world solo or in a team of three players. The team or player who remains alive till the end of the game will win the game like other MOBA games.

While playing the game the area where players are fighting against each other is start shirking so that players have to remain in the circle otherwise they will lose the game. Like other MOBA games in this game, the player has to collect different game items, objects, firearms, and other features while exploring the map.

These collected items will help the player to kill enemies and also protect him or his team from enemies. In this new game, developers shave hide different things in different which you have to find while playing the game to get the upper hand on the battlefield.

Information about Game

Name Final Fantasy Battle Royale
Size1.27 GB
DeveloperSQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd.
Package Namecom.square_enix.android_googleplay.ff7fsww
Android Required7.0+

At the start of the game, players have the option to take two firearms which they can easily switch while playing the game. Apart from firearms players also has three slots for collecting different items and objects in the game which will increase in the future.

After knowing all the above-mentioned features and battle play if you want to play this new game then download and install the latest version of this new game from the official website or google play store for free.

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What features players will get Final Fantasy Battle Royale Apk?

In this new MOBA game players will get different game modes, styles, weapons, and many more things which we have to try mentioned below for new players who want to get information about the game like,

Training Field 

In this new mode, players will get a chance to play the game in different training places like,

  • Sector 7 Undercity
  • Corneo’s Mansion
  • House with Greenery

Apart from the above-mentioned places players will also get a chance to play the game in below mentioned other maps like,


  • Sector 5 Station
  • Church
  • Verdant House
  • Collapsed Expressway
  • Sector 7 and 5 Slums
  • Train Graveyard
  • Corneo’s Mansion
  • Plate Support
  • Sector 7 Station
  • Entertainment District
  • Sewer System
  • Desolate Area East and West
  • Colosseum


Like different modes and maps players will also get different styles that have their strengths and power and help players while playing the game. Players will get new game styles like,

  • Warrior
    • Fearless Charge
  • Monk
    • Inner Strength
  • Sorcerer
    • Magic Boost
  • Ninja
    • Acrobat
  • Ranger
    • Ammunitions Expert


  • In the training field, players will see different monster-like, bombs and hedgehog pies which help players to earn more game points and special loot once they defeat these monsters in-game.

Unique Guns

Apart from regular guns players also get a chance to play the game with new and unique guns which more features ad abilities that help players to incase damage rate etc. In the training field, players get a chance to get unique guns like,

  • Buzzsaw Launcher
  • Bomb Launcher
  • Polestar

Season Passes

Like other MOBA games, this game also has different passes which help players to win different rewards., gifts and other premium items for free. In this game players will get the below-mentioned premium game items and features for free in season pass like,

  • The Shock Trooper Outfit, Scorpion Sentinel Camo gun skin, Candidate Backpack back accessory, Shinra Pack Tickets, FF7R skins, and many more.

Screenshots of Game

How to download and install Final Fantasy Battle Royale download on android devices?

After knowing the gameplay and unique game items you want to play this new game then you must download and install this new game from our website using the direct download link given at the end of the article and install this new game on your device.

While installing the game allow all permissions and also enable unknown sources from the security setting. After installing the game open it and wait for a few seconds so that supporting files will also download on your device.

Once all files are downloaded now you will be able to access the game where you will get different game modes, characters, skins, styles, and other features which you have to choose before starting the game. You can play the game solo and are also open to playing it in a team of three players.

This new game also allows players to change game languages which is default as English can change to blow mentioned languages from game setting like,

  • English
  • Japanese
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Korean
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Deutsch

Final Fantasy Battle Royale Android is the latest multiple-player battle royale game with new gameplay and maps. If you want to play a new MOBA game then try this new game on your device and share it with other players too. Subscribe to our page for more apps and games.

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