Deep Sleep Playtime Chapter 3 APK For Android [2024]

Deep Sleep Playtime Chapter 3 APK is a remake of the famous horror game Poppy Playtime that includes updated puzzles, scary monsters, and new gameplay. Download and install the latest version of Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 Deep Sleep APK on your smartphone and tablet to enjoy the latest horror game with an exciting storyline for free.

This revised and latest third version was released by the developer on 30 Jan 2024 and is now available for both desktop and smartphone users. Players who have played the previous 2 installments of the Poppy Playtime games may know the mian gameplay and other features of the game. However, we have included information about this apprehension game in this article.

If you are playing the Poppy Playtime game for the first time then you must read this article to get basic information about gameplay, monsters and other game items that help you while playing the game. Apart from the information we have shared the Deep Sleep Playtime Chapter 3 Download link in this article to help you while installing the game on your device.

What is Deep Sleep Playtime Chapter 3 Game?

As mentioned in the above paragraph it is the new and latest scary or horror game developed and released by Mob Entertainment for Android and iOS users who want to play the improved and latest version of the famous horror game Poppy Playtime with new puzzles, quests and monsters in multiple game modes for free.

The third installment of the game starts when players find themselves in play care after a train crash in the second version. In Playcare, the player meets another character who introduces himself as Ollie. This new character promises the player to help him escape from this playcare.

Information about the Game

NameDeep Sleep Playtime Chapter 3
Size1 GB
DeveloperMob Entertainment
Package Namecom.PoppyPlaytimeChapter3.Playtime
Android Required5.0+

Ollie gives the player keys to the gas production zone which helps the player light the building and also produces a gas called red smoke which shields players from monsters. After activating the power to playcare Ollie gives the player the task of activating all backup generators to power all locations which help players while escaping.

After activating all backup generators, players have to start moving to diffenret locations mentioned below protecting themselves from numerous monsters that are there to kill them. While playing games players need to solve various puzzles which help them get keys and also provide various hints that help them escape.

While escaping players have to protect other characters which are also imprisoned by monsters in the below-mentioned locations like,

  • Home Sweet Home
  • Counselor’s Office
  • School
  • Playhouse
  • Playtime Co. factory

Which upcoming and old Protagonists & Antagonists will the players face in this updated Poppy Playtime Game?

Deep Sleep Playtime Chapter 3 Game players will face more than 10 old and updated protagonists & Antagonists added by the game developer. We have listed a few names below for new players.


  • CatNap
  • DogDay (Controlled)
  • Miss Delight
  • Huggy Wuggy (Hallucination)
  • Mini Critters


  • The Player
  • Poppy Playtime
  • Kissy Missy
  • Ollie
  • DogDay

To enjoy the game players need to experience the game from the first installment. Otherwise, they will not enjoy the game. If you are playing the Poppy Playtime game for the first time, you must start with these chapters.

  • A Tight squeeze
  • Fly in a Web
  • Deep Sleep


Like other horror games in this new game, developers have added scary scenes and also various sounds which are not suite for kids so this game is only for players more than 18. Players who have heart issues are also not allowed to play this game.

Screenshots of the Game

Where can I download and play Deep Sleep Playtime Chapter 3 Mod Apk for free on Android and iOS devices?

Android players can easily download the official version of Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 Deep Sleep APK directly from the Google Play store. However, if players want to download the mod version with unlimited game money and other unlock game items, they must visit a third-party website.

Android users will also be able to download the latest mod version of Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 Deep Sleep Game from our website using the direct download button given at the start and end of the article. Installing the game allows all necessary permissions and enables unknown sources in security settings.

After installing the game, open it by tapping the game icon on your device’s screen. After you open the game, you’ll see an additional tab where you’ll have to accept the privacy and other terms of the game. After accepting the all-game terms you will see the dashboard of the game with the below list of poppy play time chapters.

Choose the chapter that you want to play and you will see a new tab where you will see the below-mentioned menu list like,

  • Full story
  • Story
  • Free play
  • Free Mod

After choosing your desired option from the above menu list you will see another tab where you have to choose the game difficulty level from the options below.

  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Expert

After choosing the difficulty level, now you will see a new tab where you will see different game levels. Tap on the game level you wish to play and start playing this new game on your device.


What is the Deep Sleep Playtime Chapter 3 Game?

It is a new and latest horror game where players have to escape from Playcare by solving puzzles, completing different tasks and protecting themselves from different monsters in the game.

Where can users get the free APK file of Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 deep sleep APK download game?

Players will be able to download and install this original horror game from the Google Play Store or our website offlinemodapk.


Deep Sleep Playtime Chapter 3 APK Download For Android is a redesigned version of the famous horror game Poppy Play Time that incorporates a revised storyline and game features. If you want to play a new horror game with multiple game modes, download this exciting game and share it with your family and friends. Subscribe to this game with your family and friends. Subscribe to our page for more apps and games.

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