Deep Nostalgia Apk v5.7.18 Free Download For Android

If you want to maintain your family tree by simply putting basic information like your parent’s and grandparents’ names then you are on right because we are providing a direct download link of “Deep Nostalgia Apk” for android devices.

This app helps you to know about your ancestral roots and analyzes them according to the information you have from your parents and relatives. As you know that most people don’t have enough knowledge about their family roots.

Now people have started researching about their family history to know about their ancestral roots and spending huge money on research and other procedure. Most people searching in a database of public libraries, Genealogy Center, and many more.

If you are curious to know about your family roots then you must download and install this latest application which will help you to know about your family history. This app is simple and easy to use so you don’t need any special information or another thing to discover your family history.

What is Deep Nostalgia App?

As mentioned above this is the latest app that has a database of an old family which helps people to discover their family tree by entering their family basic data. This app uses the two latest technology to discover your family history.

Basically, MyHeritage Nostalgia App provides people two types of results. One based on Ethnicity Estimate and the other is based on DNA Matches.

Ethnicity Estimate

In this technology, your family roots are analyzes by Ethnicity breakdown which includes more than 42 ethnicities from 2100+ geographic regions from all around the world. We have mentioned breakdown of the 2,114 Genetic Groups for different continents below for new users like,

  • North and West European 295
  • English 254
  • Scandinavian 187
  • Irish, Scottish, and Welsh 155
  • Iberian 154
  • Italian 103
  • Greek and South Italian 101
  • East European 67
  • Finnish 54
  • Balkan 53
  • Ashkenazi Jewish 24
  • Baltic 7
  • Sardinian 5

Information about App

NameDeep Nostalgia
Size68.9 MB
Android RequiredLollipop (5)
  • Nigerian 147
  • North African 25
  • Sephardic Jewish — North African 11
  • West African 6
  • Kenyan 5
  • Ethiopian Jewish 4
  • Somali 3
Middle East:
  • Middle Eastern 36
  • Yemenite Jewish 8
  • West Asian 92
  • South Asian 64
  • Chinese and Vietnamese 50
  • Filipino, Indonesian and Malay 20
  • Japanese and Korean 13
  • Mizrahi Jewish — Iranian/Iraqi 8
  • Central Asian 3
  • Thai and Cambodian 2
  • Inuit 1
  • Mongolian 1
  • Oceania: 10
  • America: 146

DNA Matches

In this new method Nostalgia, Profunda App compared data of your DNA test results with autosomal DNA test results and provide results according to genetic sequences which help you to build your family tree. You have different option to match your DNA like,

  • Exporting DNA Matches:
  • Contacting DNA Matches
  • Shared ancestral surnames
  • Chromosome Browser

Why Deep Nostalgia Apk get viral on internet and google play store?

After releasing on the google play store this has got viral on the internet and google play store because it provides users to know their family history and roots right at their fingertips directly from their smartphone and tablet.

Apart from family history users have a chance to discover their new relatives through this app by matching their DNA with a global community of millions of people from all around the world.

It helps people to preserve their family history for new family members. You will also have a chance to read different stories of your family ancestors and also the option to share them with other family members who don’t know about these stories.

You have to research on data you get through MyHeritage apk which is an award-winning site for historical research. All your data used by this app is safe and secure. Everyone can easily know their family history through this app from all around the world.

Screenshots of App

Why people are searching for Deep Nostalgia Mod Apk?

Friendly saying My heritage Apk is a very useful app that helps users to know and preserve their history for upcoming family members. One of the problems with this app is that it only provides users limited free features like one time DNA test and also have limited access to the database and many more.

Due which people are searching for Myheritage Apk Mod which helps them to unlock all premium features like, free access to all databases, out results, and many more things. If you use the original app you need to pay more than $0.99 – $289.99 per item which is too expensive.

Key Features

  • Deep Nostalgia Apk is a safe and legal app for android users to know about their family history or roots.
  • Provide users super search technology to find their family history from different databases.
  • Use DNA match and Ethnicity Estimate technology to discover your roots.
  • Option top creates a video of your ancestor’s through this app.
  • Option to join a global community from all around the world.
  • It also provides users with stories of their ancestors.
  • You will also know about new family members through this app.
  • It has more than 4.4 billion profiles from all around the world.
  • Smart match technology automatically connects family trees.
  • Record match to get information about your family ancestors.
  • Free to download but also have in-purchase items too.
  • Need registration to use this app.
  • Ads free application.
  • And many more.

How to download and install Deep Nostalgia App?

If you want to download the original app then download it from the google play store. However, to download the nostalgia profunda app tap on the direct download link given at the end of the article and install it on your smartphone and tablet.

While installing the app allow all permissions and also enable unknown sources from the security setting. After installing the app open it and you need to log in using Facebook, Gmail id, or create an account with an email address.

After creating an account now check your mail and click on the link which is sent by this app and activate your account. Once successfully activate your account now login to your account using detail which you have given while creating an account.

After login into your account, you will see the main interface where you see different options choose the smart match option and provide all data required for smart matching and click on the ok button. It will start creating your family tree automatically.


My Heritage Deep Nostalgia for android is the latest genealogical app that helps users to know their family history or roots. If you want to know about your family roots then download this app and also share it with your family and friends. Subscribe to our page for more apps and games.

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