Color Changer Pro Apk For Android [2023 Colors]

If you are using rooted android devices and want to change their screen and other colors according to your requirements, then now it is possible when you download and install the latest version of “Color Changer Pro” for android smartphones and tablets.

Before these apps, you don’t have the option to change your device color or the color of apps installed on your smartphone and tablet. People use built-in brightness and contrast features to maintain their device colors and other features.

People with low vision users face many issues while using smartphones and tablets and want to change the color of their mobile screens and the apps installed on their smartphones and tablets. Now in the latest smartphone, these color features are enabled for low-vision people.

What is Changer Pro Apk Blue Light?

But most of the low ended android devices do have not any color features to change according to your requirements. By seeing people’s problems android developers have developed many different color changer apps for both Android and iOS devices using which people easily change the color of their device screen according to their needs.

This is an android application developed and offered by Omega Centauri Software for android users from all around the world who want to change the color of apps installed on their devices and also change the color of their mobile phone screen.

These apps are mostly useful for those android users who have different vision issues like low vision, color blindness, contrast sensitivity, or any else and want to use the mobile phone easily by changing the colors of their smartphone and tablet.

Information about App

NameColor Changer Pro
Size950.26 KB
DeveloperOmega Centauri Software
Package Namemobi.omegacentauri.red_pro
Android RequiredKitKat (4.4 – 4.4.4)

As you know that smartphones and tablets are now an important part of our life and people mostly do all their important things online through their smartphones and tablets. These color-changing apps help color blind, low vision, and contrast sensitivity people to use their smartphones and tablets.

The app we shared here is also a color changer app and it is easily available on the google play store and placed in the Personalization category of the google play store.

What is Color Changer Pro Apk?

This app is downloaded by more than one million people from all around the world and has a positive rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 stars on the google play store.

As the name indicates this is a pro or premium version of the original color changer apps available on the google play store.

This pro version allows people to use all paid features like more colors, custom themes, and many more things for free.

One thing keeps in your mind while using this app you need rooted access on your device to use this app on your smartphone and tablet.

For a better experience use super 1.90+ with a color changer or else disable SELinux. Otherwise, things may not work properly for you.

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What do you get in Color Changer Pro App?

You get the following new and extra features in this pro version.

  • Amber is now free.
  • Custom modes can be renamed in this pro version.
  • Experimental Gamma adjustment support.
  • Added two custom buttons.
  • To activate these new custom buttons setting gear to activate it.
  • One more slot for the notification button.
  • Improved landscape layout.
  • Two more custom Modes.
  • Color changer requires root for screen capture applications.
  • Interface improvements.
  • Saturation Sliders with screen recording.
  • Google Pixel and Omega Centauri Software version.
  • Experimental support for non-ARM devices.
  • Bugfix and many more.

Screenshots of App

Key Feature

  • Color Changer Pro Apk is a 100% working application for low-vision people.
  • Different color preserves light vision for reading books on a mobile phone at night.
  • Outdoor mode to use a mobile phone in daylight.
  • Monochrome black and night mode.
  • Activate blue light while sleeping.
  • Tasker integration plugin.
  • Free to download and use.
  • Need rooted access to use this app on your smartphone and tablets?
  • Ads free application.
  • Work on both low-ended and high ended android devices.
  • Easy to use and download.
  • Simple and user-friendly interface.
  • And many more.


  • 1.11: Allow outdoor option in the notification button
  • 1.10: Bugfix (on boot notification)
  • 1.09: Bug fixes
  • 1.07: Outdoor color mode available in extra (…) menu
  • 1.06: Amber is now free; rename custom modes
  • 1.05: Experimental gamma change support; user interface enhancements; bug fixes
  • 1.01: Experimental support for non-ARM devices; bugfix

How to download and use the tasker integration plugin in Color Changer Mod Apk?

To download the mod version of this app click on the direct download link given at the end of the article and install this app on your smartphone and tablet.

While installing the app enable unknown sources from security settings and also allow all permissions which are required for this app.

This app on works on a rooted device so you need to root your device first by downloading and installing rooted apps from the google play store.

After rooting your device. Now open the app and you will see many different color options select them by simply tapping on the color which you want to activate on your smartphone and tablet.


What is Color Changer Pro Apk File?

It is new free version of the color changer app which helps android users to change the below-mentioned android settings of their android phone like,

  • Phone’s Screen Display
  • Changing screen gamma
  • Preserve Night Vision
  • Color Changer’s Settings
  • Inverted color modes
  • Sepia Mode
Where android users will Apk files the latest version of Color Changer Pro Apk for free?

Android smartphone users will get Apk file of this needed color changer app on all official and third-party websites. We have also shared Apk file of this new app on our website offlinemodapk for free.

What extra features users will get for color changer pro Apk for free?

In this new and latest version of the app, users will get below mentioned special features,

  • White Android Menu
  • Widget Support
  • Blue Mode
  • Brightly colored color screens
  • Oversized outdoor mode
  • Screen Recordings
  • Lux’s astronomy mode
  • The detailed color palette for Mobile Devices

Color Changer Pro App is an android specially designed for android users from all around the world who are facing low vision issues and want to change the color of their smartphone ad tablet.

If you want to change the color of your device, then download this app and also share it with your family and friends. Subscribe to our page for more apps and games.

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