What Is Bluetana Apk For Android?

Now a day an application is known as” Bluetana Apk” is famous in the world. Which is used to detect skimming devices? This application is developed for android smartphones and tablets.

About Bluetana

This is an android application developed for android users from all around the world. Mostly used by law enforcement agencies and police. But civilian can also able to use it without any problem. This app is a simple and trustful app so everyone can easily download it and use it on their smartphone.

Most users know this app and some of them already using it on their cell phone to detect skimming devices. If you are new, then read this whole article to get information about this application.

I have only provided information about this app in this article. Because the Apk file is provided only by authorized sites. If you want to download this app then visit some authorized site and download this app from there and install it on your cell phone.

You know that hacker installs different devices on ATM machine and Pump station and other places to hack you pin code and other information of ATM card. After that, they used your details to steal your money from your account.

Review about Bluetana Apk

By seeing this problem IT expert from the USA developed an application known as Bluetana to detect such device placed on different ATMs, pump stations and other places.

This is a very useful application to detect skimming devices placed in different places. This application is mostly applicable to pump stations. The experts analyzed data from more than 1000 pump station from six states of the USA and came with special algorithmic to made Bluetooth skimming device.

Hackers use skimmer devices to hack you pin code, user name, ATM card number, and other details to steal your money from your account.

This application is valid for all devices which have android operating in it. This app scans all Bluetooth device in specific and detects all devices if any skimmer device detected it shows it in red color.


The Bluetana Apk is an android app specially designed to detect skimming devices placed on ATM machines, pump station and many other places to save people from hackers.

If you want to protect your ATM card details from hackers. Then download this amazing app from some authorized site and install it on your smartphone. Share your experience with your family and friends.

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