Blue Archive Apk For Android [Updated 2022]

If you are waiting for an anime-based RPG game with 3D-based beautiful girls as your students then download and install the latest version of “Blue Archive Apk” on your android smartphone and tablet.

This game is based on a unique storyline in which you have to play the role of a teacher who teaches students to solve different cases in the city. While solving any case you have the option to choose your unit by adding different students.

This game has added all famous Japanese anime characters as their students who have special powers and abilities. You have chosen students according to their power and abilities while participating in any war or event.

What is Blue Archive Game?

As mentioned above it is Role Playing game in which players have to teach students to fight against illegal and unethical things happening in the city and solve all cases using their special abilities and skills.

This game provides users so many different genres under a single game. You will get different tasks in-game which include action, puzzles, and many more such types of tasks and events.

Information about Game

NameBlue Archive
Size135 MB
DeveloperNEXON Company
Package Namecom.YostarJP.BlueArchive
Android Required7.0+

In this new and official version player will get so many new features like,

  • Revamping artwork for characters
  • Revamping skill cut-in animations
  • Smoother UI transitions
  • Saving dorm setups
  • Live2D Memorial Lobby scenes to all characters

Which players do not get in the beta version of this game. The main purpose of the beta version to know drawbacks in-game which help players to make their game world number 1 RPG game among other RPG games like, Nier Reincarnation Apk and Camp Buddy Apk.

What is Total War in Blue Archive Game Play?

This is basically a new event launched by game developers which helps players to get different rewards or unlock premium features in-game. In this latest event players need to form a unit of four students and challenge powerful enemies.

In this total war abilities and powers of your enemy bosses are much higher than normal matches so you have chosen skillful and powerful students while participating in this event.

If you win this total war challenge then you will earn total war coins which you can easily exchange with luxurious or premium items like, weapons, new students and, many more things in-game.

One thing to keep in your mind that you can only participate in this event three times a day. Once you complete all your turns you will not able to join this event again.

Which studenst are most popular in Blue Archive Game?

You get tins of different students while playing this game but the most popular students in-game are mentioned below who have special skills and abilities which help them while solving different cases in the city.

  • CV: Yui Ogura
  • School: Abydos High School
  • Grade: 2 years
  • Birthday: May 16th
  • Height: 156 cm
  • CV: Yumiri Hanamori
  • School: Abydos High School
  • Grade: 3 years
  • Birthday: January 2nd
  • Height: 145 cm
  • CV: Ayaka Ohashi
  • School: Abydos High School
  • Grade: 1 year
  • Birthday: June 25th
  • Height: 153 cm
  • CV: Miura Chiyuki
  • School: Abydos High School
  • Grade: 2 years
  • Birthday: September 1st
  • Height: 160 cm

Screenshots of Game

How many players are eligible for beta test of Blue Archive Global game?

According to Yostar game official’s registration for the beta test of this game has been closed and now they are selecting 1000 players from all around the world on behalf of their application.

If the number of players from all around the world surpasses 1000 number then they will select players on basis of a lottery that why don’t think that if you have applied for the beta version of this game then you will be selected.

In simple words, 1000 lucky players from all around the world get a chance to play the beta version of this game in which they get the same gameplay as the original game. If the beta version gets successful then developers will launch their official game globally shortly.

Compatibility Information of Weapons used in Blue Archive Game Download

All these weapons and other equipment in-game are categorized into different categories according to their structure and armor power which we have discussed below for new players.

While choosing any weapons or other equipment check the below compatibility which helps you to choose the best weapon among tons of different weapons available in-game store.

Light Armor

The weapons in this category have below mentioned features like,

  • Explosion (weak)
  • Penetration (Normal)
  • Mystic (Resist)
  • Siege (Resist)
Heavy Armor

The weapons heavy category has below mentioned features like,

  • Explosion (Resist)
  • Penetration (Weak)
  • Mystic (Normal)
  • Siege (Resist)

This category has below mentioned features like,

  • Explosion (Normal)
  • Penetration (Resist)
  • Mystic (Weak)
  • Siege (Resist)

This category has below mentioned features like,

  • Explosion (Resist
  • Penetration (Resist)
  • Mystic (Resist)
  • Siege (Weak)

Key Features

  • Blue Archive Apk is a legal and safe RPG game for android devices.
  • Need high-ended android device having android version more than 8.0.
  • Animation-based RPG game with beautiful 3D girls.
  • The simple and unique storyline contains all famous Japanese anime characters as students.
  • Update game server daily by adding new events for players which help them to get different rewards in-game.
  • 3d graphic with high resolution.
  • It has the best sound quality with different background music.
  • Free to download but also has paid and premium items which need money to buy from the game store.
  • Remove all ads by the developer.
  • And many more.

How to download and play Blue Archive For Android?

If you want to download the original game then you can easily download it from the google play store. However, to download the mod or pro version you need to visit our website and download it from the download button given at the end of the article.

While downloading this game enable unknown sources and also allow permissions required for this game. After installing the game open it and start playing the game by participating in different game events like total war, Valentine special, and many more.


Blue Archive Mod for Android is the latest android game with beautiful 3D girls. If you love to play anime games then download this game and also share it with your family and friends. Subscribe to our page for more apps and games.

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