BitVPN Apk V1.2.8 Free Download For Android

If you are using the internet, then you are worried about privacy and safety. Because there are several people who keep an eye on you to check what are you searching online and many more things.

Don’t be worry because today I will tell you about an application. By using which you will be secured. I am talking about an application “BitVPN Apk”. This app will give you full privacy while searching.

About App

This application is the pioneer of the decentralized VPN service, and its arms with an unstoppable mesh network.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, by using a VPN you can use the internet privately and anonymously. It also helps you to browse content anywhere in the world easily.

If you are not using any VPN then your IP address, online records, online data, and many more things are easily seen by the third person. Hacker, IP, government officials, and many more people always keep an eye on your surfing.

Information about BitVPN Apk

Name BitVPN
Size25.33 MB
Operating SystemAndroid 4.1+

If you want to secure from all these people, then always use a VPN before surfing on the internet. It gives you full privacy and safety. It is not possible to steal your online data. Because you are fully private and anonymous.

Actually, VPN works by encrypted traffic through several different IP addresses. Therefore, your entry points and exits points are not connected to each other. This application does not store your data. It simply distributes it through different IP address with strong encryption.

BitVPN Apk Services

This application multipurpose tool uses for a different purpose. Some of them are the following.

  • Hide your real IP address and search on the internet with full privacy.
  • VPN encryption protects your important online data.
  • Unblock and access you to your favorite website and social networking site easily.

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Screenshots of BitVPN Apk

BitVPN differs from other VPN services because:

  • This application uses distributed nodes owned by the users worldwide
  • It uses the blockchain for better security and decentralization
  • Nodes communicate in a P2P network


BitVPN Apk is an android app specially designed for android smartphones and tablets. By using which you can secure yourself while browsing and surfing.

If you are using the internet frequently than this application is very necessary for you. Don’t waste time on useless apps just download this amazing app from our website given link below and secure yourself. Also, share your experience with your family and friends.

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