How to Get Permanent Bermuda Remastered Map & New Locations In Free Fire game?

If you are a Free Fire game player and want to play an FF game on the new map “Bermuda Remastered Map” which is permanently released in this new OB27 game server for ff players from all around the world then read this whole article we will briefly discuss all its features and usage.

Some players have already played the Free Fire game in Bermuda Remastered Map which was initially released by the game developers for test purposes in January 2021 for only a limited number of days. After 17 January game developers shave removed this new map from their game to make some changes to it.

Now they have finally added this new Map to their official game permanently and now FF players from all around the world will easily play their game in Bermuda Remastered Map for free by following the below-mentioned steps on their FF game account.

What is Bermuda Remastered Map Free Fire?

Basically, this is a new map added by game developers in their game like the previous map where players play games against other players from all around the world.

In this new map, game developers have added some new locations that players don’t see in all previous FF maps released by developers. Apart from the new addition game developer also has removed some locations too.

Bermuda Remastered Map FF

If you want to know about all newly added FF locations and also about removed locations in this new map then stay on this page and go through this whole article. Because in this article we will tell you briefly about this new map.

According to an official source, they have permanently added this new location in the new FF server OB27 which was recently released with so many new features and passes like,

Which new locations are added by the game developers in Free Fire Bermuda Remastered Map?

According to official sources, they have added so many places or locations to this new map. We have mentioned some new locations briefly for new players like,

Nurek Dam

This new location is added by the developer in the north section of the map directly north of the Bimasakti Strip. Basically, this location contains a dam that stores water and also allows water to flow down to the sea through the north.

This new location is narrow because one side is covered by the dam and another side of the map is covered with small buildings and other things in-game. If you compare this new location to the standard game map then you feel that the Nurek Dam location has replaced the plantation and Riverside locations in the original map of the FF game.

Aden’s Creek

This new location you will find in the southwestern corner of the Map which is simply a small fishing village with different small islands due to which players face difficulties while collecting different game items and equipment.

Bermuda Remastered Map Aden’s Creek Location

If you compared this new location Aden’s Creek with the original or standard FF map then you see similarities like the Rim Nam Village location in the standard map. In simple words, developers have replaced Rim Nam Village in the original map with Aden’s Creek Location in New Map.

Samurai’s Garden

This new location in FF Bermuda Remastered Map will replace the Sentosa location in the original or standard map where players see Japanese-style wooden houses and also a Zen garden with different plants like cherry blossom trees and many more.

Bermuda Remastered Map Samurai’s Garden Location

One thing always knows while landing on this new location on the map is that it is an island that has only limited ways like, bridges and zip lines to connect to the main island or the whole Map.


This new location you will find on the Northwest side of the map which is basically a university with two big buildings connecting each other with a walk away. This new location has replaced Graveyard and Bullseye locations in the original or standard FF Map.

Bermuda Remastered Map Academy Location


This location is in the middle of the map with so many big and small buildings, roads, and other things which make stuck players while playing a game against other players.

Bermuda Remastered Map Peak Location

Which Old locations are replaced by the developer to make a new Bermuda Remastered Map for Free Fire Game?

According to official sources, players will get a chance to see new places which replace below mentioned old location in standard map-like,

  • Graveyard
  • Bullseye
  • Rim Nam Village
  • Riverside
  • Sentosa
  • Plantation

If you want to play the Free Fire game with a map containing new locations then you must download and install the latest OB27 FF game server which contains the latest and updated Bermuda Remastered Map for FF players.

After using OB27’s new FF game server players not only get a new map in-game but also get new characters and firearms with silhouettes and allusions.


Bermuda Remastered Map for Free Fire game is a newly added map in the new OB27 FF game server which allows FF players to play their favorite MOBA in some new location for free. If you want to play the game with new locations then download and install the latest OB27 FF game server and also share it with your family and friends. Subscribe to our page for more apps and games.

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