ASD Monitor Election App v2.1(5) Free Download For Android

If you are in Kerala state in India then you must download and install the “ASD Monitor App” which will help you while casting vote and also getting information about the upcoming Kerala Legislative Assembly Election which are starting from 6 April 2021 across the state.

This is new initiative is taken by both the state provisional government and national government to counter fake votes and also help people to get information about election schedules and also bout their vote.

As you know that covid 19 third wave is on the peak in India so the government has released this app to help people so that they can easily know all information and other details directly from their smartphone and tablet.

What is ASD Monitor Apk?

As mentioned above it is a new and latest app released by a provisional government in collaboration with Poll to make the free and fair elections in Kerala state where hundreds of different candidates from different parties are trying their luck for 140 MLAs seat in the 15th Kerala Legislative Assembly election.

As you know that in most developing countries like, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh where election raging is a common thing that why people don’t vote for their cast which is their basic right. Now Indian government has taken initiative to counter fake votes by introducing this new technology.

Information About App

NameASD Monitor
DeveloperPoll Manager Kerala NIC In
Package Nameorg.nic.bellthecat
Android Required5.0 and Up

This will help people to know about their vote and also about other information directly from their smartphone and tablet. People can easily download this app from the google play store on their smartphones and tablet.

If they are facing issues while downloading it from google play store or iOS store then they must download it from the official government website poll manager Kerala nic in. where users will be found separate Apk files for both android and iOS devices for free.

Now it’s every person’s duty to make this app successful by downloading it and also share it with other people so that they can help the government to make a free and fair election to select competent candidates across the state.

What is ASD poll manager app?

Most people don’t know about ASD which is used in this monitor app by the government. Basically, ASD stands for Absent, Shifted, and Dead or Duplicate.

The main purpose of this monitor app is to detect absent voters, people who have shifted from this state to other states or other countries, and also provide data of dead and duplicate voters.

As you know that people are casting many fake votes by using old data of people who are dead or shift from one state to another with is totally illegal and criminal activate.

On this app, people have to provide all their data before participate in polling. If any person found to participate in any illegal activate, he or she will be punished according to government laws.

Screenshots of App

How ASD Monitor App election help government to make a free and fair election?

This app help government to make the free and fair election by cpmpar8ng data of all voter registering in the area and also presiding officer will get picture and thumb expression of all voters through this application and save.

Once any voter tries to make a vote instead of any shifted or dead person app will automatically detect it picture and thumb expression and show it to the presiding officer. So that he or she will take legal action against that voter who is involved in this criminal activity.

People will also able to use this app poll manager 2021 App on their smartphone and tablet. Once their data is store by the presiding officer, they will get OPT code on the number which they have entered while entering data.

People will also get full guidance about poll manager Kerala App its installation and other features directly from officers. If they still face any issue, they have the option to contact government officials in their area too who will solve their issues.

What are the basic requirements to make an account on the ASD Monitor poll manager app?

As mentioned above it is specially designed for Kerala election so that people from Kerala state able to avail of its service. People must have the below-mentioned documents to access this application.

  • They must have a Kerala ID card.
  • Must have an active cellphone number.
  • Must have added their data to government officials.

If you are fulfilling the above-mentioned requirements then you can easily use this app on your smartphone and tablet by downloading the poll manager app on your device.

How to download and install ASD Monitor Election App?

If you want to download this app then download it from the given link below and install it on your smartphone and tablet.

After downloading the app open it and create your account using OPT number send on your cellphone which you have added while entering your data.

Once you successfully enter OPT number you will able to access the service of this app directly from your smartphone and tablet.


ASD Monitor for Android is latest election monitoring app which helps people to protect their basic voting right by detecting fake votes. If you want to know about the latest Kerala elections which are held on 6 April 2021 then download this app and also share it with your family and friends. Subscribe to our page for more apps and games.

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