What Is Apple Pie Apk?

Hello, friend, I am back with information related to the most trending application in India. Which is Apple Pie App? Actually, the question is what Apple Pie App is and why it is a trending application in India.

I search on the internet but have not found any information about this application. I only saw a video which is made by an Indian person who has downloaded this app and uses it on their smartphone. A friend of his sends this via WhatsApp to him.

Why Apple Pie App is famous in 2022?

According to that video actually, this is not an android application. it is malware and viruses made by some developers. So first thing is that if you received such an app from any friend or someone else don’t install it.  

If you want to install this app kindly use earphones because when you install this app and open it. you Will Listen to a Porn Star Voice, Saying Oh yes and Like that. So it will be a Big Embarrassment for you. If you are without an earphone and sitting with your family and friends.

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The things do not stop here further this voice is automatically set as your ringing tone. And start the same voice when someone calls you. So I recommend you do not download such apps and if you want to download kindly use earphones.


Furthermore, if you receive such an app don’t forward it to your friend. Because it’s not a good thing to make people fool and feel guilty. That’s all about Apple Pie App. Stay tuned with us for more information related to technology visit offlinemodapk our official website.

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