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A few days ago, The Game Awards 2020 celebrated the best game award event which included all famous games from all over the world. In this award show, game developers have made some exciting announcements like among use developers have announced their official new version of the game “Among US Airship Map Apk” for android, iOS, and also desktop users from all around the world.

After this latest announcement, millions of among us players from all around the world are searching for this latest and new version to enjoy this game with a new and unique map with some new features.

People don’t have enough information about this latest announcement that why they are surfing on internet madly for this latest version. Players have to initially participate in its trial version before getting the whole game.

The trial version of the game is limited to few players who pre-register themselves to this new version of the game. In this article, we will tell you about gameplay, new features, and also the pre-registration process by using which you can easily play this game on your smartphone and tablet.

What is Among US Airship Map Game?

Basically, this is the latest 2021 version of the original among us game which has some new features like, new maps, new skins, hats, pets, crew members, heroes, and many more new features that you will know after playing this game or reading this whole article.

Because in this article we have tried to mention all features which you will get in the upcoming 2021 version of among us game. It is not possible to know all features of any game before it’s released so don’t take all these features seriously.

Information about Game

NameAmong US Airship Map
DeveloperInnersloth LLC
Package Namecom.innersloth.spacemafia
Android RequiredKitKat (4.4 – 4.4.4)

It makes it possible for the game developer will remove or add new features which we have mentioned here. However, all these features which are mentioning here are officially announced by a game developer in the world’s best game award show celebrity this month.

The whole gameplay of this new upcoming version of among us game is the same as the previous version which you have played on your device. Due to pandemic disease, the award show was arranged virtually that why this award show not famous as previous game award shows.

When the Airship Map official released in Among Us Imposter Game?

Friendly saying there is no confirm date till now. However, a game official has announced that they will start pre-registration in early 2021 for players from all around the world.

This pre-registration is limited to a few players who participate in this event. The whole game will be released officially in Feb 2021 for players from all around the world. Which they can easily download and install from the google play store.

So, till the new version try the old version of the game and improve your gaming skills by playing it with your family and friends. Once you get good gaming skills then you will enjoy playing this latest version in the future.

You may also try these latest versions of Among Us Imposter game.

What new skins, hats, and pets you get in Among US Airship Map Download?

Like new maps, you will also get some new skins, hats, and also pets in this new version. The main purpose of these new skins and hats is to increase the interest of people in-game. You will get skins like,

  • In this new version, developers have announced to added new skins according to people profession like Astronaut, Captain, Mechanic, Military, Police, Doctor, Mira HQ Skin Bundle, Polus Map, Skin Bundle and many so that they will enjoy their real-life character in-game.
  • Same like skins hats are added to this new version according to people professions like Bush, Astronaut, Flowerpot, Goggles, Hard Hat, Military, Paper, Stethoscope, Crewmate and many more.
  • You will also get some new pets likes, Bedcrab pet bundle, Brainslug, Hamster, Mini crewmate, Stickmin, and many more.
Holiday 18
  • According to the source in this new version, they have also added a new event Holiday 2018 which has different skins, hats, and also pets bundles for players.

Screenshots of Game

How to participate in pre-registration of Among US Airship Map Download?

Friendly saying new players don’t have enough idea to participate in pre-registration of Airship map. If you are one of them then follow the below-mentioned steps on your smartphone or desktop to play among us imposter games with the latest and new map.

  • First, you need to download and install among us game on your smartphone or desktop. Downloading and installation of the game is given below if you don’t have an idea about downloading.
  • After installing the game now open it and you will see a home screen with different game modes like local, online, private, and many more.
  • Now create a local game from the list.
  • Now go to lobby scroll over to “game” and select “Airship” as a map.
  • After selecting the airship map now leave the game lobby.
  • Now again create an online game from the game setting.
  • Wait for a few seconds to add four or more players.
  • Once the game hits four or more players then tap on the play button and the game starts with a new airship map.
  • If you are facing any issues while doing these settings on your device then watch tutorial videos on YouTube made by gamer which helps you to make settings.

How to download Among US Airship Map Game?

If you want to download this latest version then you need to download this game directly from the google play store or download it from our website using the direct download link given at the end of the article and install this game on your smartphone and tablet.

There is no special version of the airship map. You can easily activate the airship map in the original game by following all steps mentioned in the above paragraph. Once you make the set in original and activate the map in-game then you can easily play it on your smartphone and tablet.


Among US Airship Map for Android is the latest version of among us game then you must download and change the setting in the original game to activate the airship map. If you want an airship map in among us imposter game then download this game and also share this game with your family and friends.

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