Alpha Ace Apk v0.3.0 For Android [The Origin Mission Game]

If you want to participate in the beta version or test phase of a new first-person online shooting game with a new storyline and gameplay then you must download and install the latest version of the new shooting game “Alpha Ace Apk” on your smartphone and tablet for free.

Many players don’t know about its first beta version or test phase which was released by the developer a few months ago with the name The Origin Mission on the internet. In this beta version, only players for Thailand were eligible.

Now the developer has officially announced the second beta version of their game with the new name alpha ace. This new beta version or test phase is also limited to a few countries. So, players from listed countries are only able to participate in this second beta version of the game.

What is Alpha Ace Game?

 As mentioned above it is the new and latest beta version or test phase of the famous shooting game The origin Mission developed and released by skang studio private limited for android users from Russia and Singapore.

Players from other countries will not able to participate in this beta version of the game like the initial test phase. Because developers have limited too few countries only. The main motto of the beta or test phase is to promote the game in a specific region and also get information about the error and other bugs in the game.

Once an error or issues players face in the test or beta phase, they report it to the developer so that he or she will solve it before releasing the original game for players from all around the world.

Information about Game

NameAlpha Ace
Size730 MB
Developerskang studio private limited
Android Required5.0+

Players who report an error and other issues in the beta version get special rewards from the developer which they can use in the original game too. If you are from any one of the above-listed countries and want to participate in the beta version of the game then download and install this new game on your device.

Players from listed countries can easily download and install the latest version of this new game from any official app store or the google play store for free. After installing the game now, they can play the game in the beta phase and reports all error and other issues in-game to the developer.

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What online game modes players will get in Alpha Ace Download?

Like other online shooting games, players will get a chance to play the game in multiplayer action modes like,

Demolition Clash 

  • In this game, mode players have to defuse all the bombs and other explosive things in the game by protecting themselves.

Team Clash 

  • In this mode, players have to fight against other teams in the game in Team Deathmatch in which the team which remains alive till of the game will win the match.

Point Grab 

  • In this game, players have to kill all other enemies in limited. Player or team with more kills with a win the game. Players will get points on each kill so players with more points will win the game.

Endgame Mode 

  • In this game, mode players have to perform multiple tasks like Bomb Defusal, enemy kill, and many more.

Costume Party 

  • In this mode, players have to find imposters in-game.

Titans Arcade 

  • In this mode players or teams will get a chance to get special powers and abilities.

Rocket Man 

  • In this mode, the player will have the option to fight against other players with a rocket launcher.

Screenshots of Game

How to download and participate in Alpha Ace Download Game?

After knowing all the above-mentioned game modes and features if you want to play this new game then you must download and install it from the google play store or any other official app store for free.

If any player faces issues while downloading this new game from the google play store should download and install it from the direct download link given at the end of the article. While installing the game allow all permissions and also enable unknown sources from the security setting.

After installing the game open it and you will see a new page where you have to wait for a few seconds to download supporting game files. Once all supporting game files are downloaded then you will see the main dashboard of the game with below2 mentioned game modes like,

  • Demolition Clash
  • Team Clash
  • Point Grab
  • Endgame Mode
  • Costume Party
  • Titans Arcade
  • Rocket Man

Choose your desired game mode then start playing the game solo and also in online multiplayer battle modes for free.


Alpha Ace Android is the latest first-person shooting game with multiple game modes and new heroes. If you want to play a new shooting game with more game modes then try this new game and also share it with your family and friends. Subscribe to our page for more apps and games.

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